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I think fiverr has removed the blind review and gave us back the old system (False alarm guys)

Hey, I just got a notification and saw that it is a 5 star review. Its seems as if they have changed the process. I really hope so. (It seems I was too excited, its just one of the reviews that I didn’t respond to because of the blind system, its now showing after 10 days, I think)


Well, I am not sure what is happening, but the review was left by the client and it is visible to me, but the option is not there for me to leave a review.

What’s up. I’m an old poster here, decided not to post on here for a while due to abusive forum people. You’re right and now its a share button. Some of the decision makers are trying to balance things out but the thing is, they don’t know what they are doing because none of them actually do what we sellers do on a daily basis.

If so then it would be great

I have to complete the order to check it … lolzz. :smiley:

Yes it is true if client leave feedback and you do not leave the feedback so the client feedback will automatically visible after 10 days…
but i do not acknowledged about this that after that you can leave feedback or not,

Madame please tell me you are not toying with me.

Thank you for ten seconds of joy. :expressionless:


I don’t think so, i think they will announce it first. an anoucement will be some thing like this
We have put enough salt on your wound and now we ran out of salt so enjoy hurray

No, It has not changed. Checked few minutes ago. Now I can only write thank you, thank you thank you. Nothing else. This so called unbiased review system is leaving buyers thinking Wow WTH is happened to seller’s feedback ??

I confirmed that the review still blind! :smiley: