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I think fiverr is now done! what do u think?


i think now-time the fiverr has sellers more than buyers so i m done and doesn’t look to be working anymore on their.

whats is your opinion to that?


Fiverr is still growing, new people sign up every day (the people that order my gigs seem to be new (1 month to 1 week or less)


Yeah I thought that way too until I got orders. Then I loved Fiverr.


Fiverr has changed a lot since the beginning, I didnt think they would continue to implement innovative features but they have, I’m sure they have something up their sleeve to compensate for buyer to seller ratio. :slight_smile:


I think we can all pretty much guarantee that there is going to be further innovation within fiverrs eco system


huh I have record sales make my living off fiverr gl


As Fiverr expands, so do the methods of users and the system. Totally relying on Fiverr for orders is a bad mistake to make - you need to market yourself as well :slight_smile:

I don’t foresee any issues


I get at least 3 brand new buyers every day of the week. And a lot of sellers are also buyers. (Myself included).

To be honest, things only seem to be picking up.

Maybe you’re gig just needs to be revised and fixed up.


I dont agree… I just joined over a month ago and I’m super busy everyday now… having trouble keeping up with the demand. ^^

Continually have 30 orders in my queue. No matter how hard I work…

I love fiverr, so great to start my freelance work… ^