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I think Fiverr is now full of bug

I’m working on Fiverr since 2013 and had 3000+ orders. I noticed since around last 1 year orders are gradually decreasing and compared in comparison my sales dropped by almost 80-90%.

  1. GIG search algorithm, I don’t have any idea even gigs without a single sale or level coming on 1st page - but unable to find my gig even after going through 10-12 pages.

  2. Same applies for category listing as well.

  3. Wrote many times to ‘support’ but no result.

  4. GIG stat page is under fixing, was buggy since last 1 yr

  5. Few of my best selling gigs has hardly 3-4 sales in last 1 yr whereas before that I was getting 4-5 orders per WEEK.

  6. I think old customers like me are now looking for different platform as Fiverr don’t provide any extra promotion for old sellers with 3-4K sales.

Let me know your suggestion and views.


Fiverr is in a testing phase… There are numerous threads on the above experience. It’s not new to me. :wink: Let’s hope for the best!! :crossed_fingers:

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Fiverr has never guaranteed promotion for anyone. Just like any business, sellers are responsible for their own actions in connecting to their target customers. It is not Fiverr’s job to make sure sellers – of any level – have orders.

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