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I think Fiverr just took me for $50

I made two purchases for a total of $50 on Fiverr.

One was for six articles and the other for a 3D model texture. For $50 I got two articles and a picture. Proof that Fiverr might be a fraud.

Fiverr is not a seller. It’s just a marketplace. A few sellers don’t represent the whole community. The problem probably isn’t fiverr, but the way you decide which seller to purchase from. Sorry to hear about your experience though.

Let’s not blame Fiverr, when it wasn’t their fault. The issue remains between you and your seller. If the seller does not deliver what was ordered, than the fault is theirs alone.


First of all, lets now blame fiverr as it is a marketplace.

Now, do not worry as you always have multiple solutions when you are working on this site. You may contact fiverr support to get your problem resolved.

But before you do that kindly read the description of the gig you ordered, if you think you placed order correctly then message the seller and ask for reasons/modifications.