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I think fiverr need to block sellers to create post on buyer request section?


what do you think, is this normal, i think fiverr need do make rules about this trouble…:smirk:


I also agree with u… it seems horrible sometimes.:grimacing:


Beats me why it isn’t a reality yet. It’s bad enough that some sellers try to sell in the section, the worst comes when these “excellent sellers” send their pitch in very terrible English, Yikes!! Even some of my buyers who don’t have English as a first language write better than supposed fiverr sellers. Fiverr, do you want to have niche proficiency tests just like upwork? Tests that will sieve the chaff from the wheat.

Pretty please…


Wouldn’t work - they’d pay somebody else $5 to sit the test! :slight_smile:


yes agree with you. Fiverr should ban such kind of stupid peoples.


why ??
Fiverr is not only for you people


You’re absolutely right - Fiverr is for everybody who can offer a skill, or who wants to purchase a service. :slight_smile:

I think what was being discussed here was the fact that some sellers continue to post in buyer requests when it’s supposed to be for buyers only, and other sellers claiming a higher level of communication skills than they actually possess.


Yes this is the discussion point :wink:


There has to be some innovative way to handle this.

In the meantime, can we at least check the abuse of the buyer requests section by sellers?


They are well aware of this issue and have already banned a handful of repeat offenders. Hopefully in near future, a proper feature will be introduced or a filtering system for that matter.


It is true that there may be someone who write in the wrong section but most do it for advertising


I think many of new seller even don’t know how to use this site after join on fiverr.


Agree and this is why i have write on top (may be its time to make some rules for this or may be some notifications)


Or just have a real person look at the posts instead of having it automated. Made this post in 'If I Ran Fiverr for a week" where actual people will be assigned to sort through posts for buyers request to make sure only genuine buyers are posting instead of sellers looking to advertise services.


I agree it’s very disturbing


and also people who post new threads that have already been covered by other people.


The repeatedly discussed BR section has some way to go before it achieves anything close to sanity. I recently posted a perfectly normal request on BR and had it denied after a few hours in limbo. It also happened that the single request I posted was duplicated (looking at you @phantompower), which might explain why every so often you see a post that appears twice in quick succession. Both were denied, anyway.

Bear this in mind, though, Fiverr may NEVER do anything about that category. It has been a mess for a long time now and will continue to be in the foreseeable future.


It is true, “Buyer request” section is being abused by sellers.


My response wasn’t for the duplicated requests found in the buyer request section. It was for all of this posts in the forum about how the buyer request is full of sellers advertising themselves.


I totally agree. They should be banned.