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I think fiverr need to block sellers to create post on buyer request section?

My response wasn’t for the duplicated requests found in the buyer request section. It was for all of this posts in the forum about how the buyer request is full of sellers advertising themselves.

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I totally agree. They should be banned.

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Yes, Badly needed :unamused:

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I do agree with you on that. They are becoming increasingly rampant by the day… It’s tiring TBH

Yes it´is very tiring when you try to make some offer and you can read only sellers who post they stuff

This has been discussed here and there’s a poll for it


nice, this is a great idea :joy::joy::joy:

i just put my vote for report button

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Like this move. They have made buyers request worthless.

It’s clear the reason they do it. The argument is that it is wrong. 'twould be awesome in a seller pitch/proposal section.

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yes agree with you. Fiverr should ban such kind of stupid peoples

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yes, if sellers post on buyer request option to many times then fiverr will ban him. I can 100% assure you.

how are you so sure??!!!

@drinidesign If you continuously promote your services in the Buyer Request section you will be banned.

If you require further reasoning you can contact support here:

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I did not know this if work in this way it’s great :+1:

When you have time, I encourage you to read both Fiverr TOS on the forum rules. Being well informed always has its advantages!

Best of luck.

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Thank you for the suggestion but anyway the i think it’s better if fiverr block them before and not after, my idea :+1:

How Sand buyer’s request

true. sometimes the _remove reques_t not working

Here are steps how to post a request. @chadezimmerm864

  1. Click on “Buying” from Navigation Bar.
  2. Select “Post a request” option from displayed menu.
  3. Enter your requirements.
  4. Click “Post” button.
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