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I think fiverr need to change the money withdraw system

I think fiverr need to change the money withdraw system. When I am trying to withdraw it will withdraw all of the money if I have option to withdraw money that will be better.

For example:

If I have $200 I just wanna withdraw only $100 , But it can’t possible.

Yep - same here - I posted the same question a year ago:


I like the idea of holding some cash back to buy gigs. What I do now is to look at the revenue clearing and determine the gigs I need to buy for the week. Then, juggle the calculation to determine if its the right time to download or not.

I totally agree with choosing to leave some funds in fiverr - I back this idea and have put my vote on it every time it has come up.


Why would you want to do that? You lose a $1 every time you withdraw so it makes sense to just withdraw all your funds and keep it into PayPal. I don’t think there’s any advantage to being able to choose how much to withdraw from your account when you have the option to choose WHEN to withdraw (you can withdraw when you have a $100 cleared).

@futurepocket you are right. But I am agree with @fonthaunt cause when I need to keep some money to buy other’s gigs.

I want to keep all my money in fiverr if fiverr have this option that i can withdraw only a part of money. So i will keep all my money in fiverr and only withdraw the small portion of the money that i need at the time.

Reply to @futurepocket: I understand why someone would want to do it, especially if they are both buyers and sellers and have extremely tight budgets. I like to purchase gigs out of my credit to avoid processing fees, especially when spending higher amounts. If I have $200 in credit and I withdraw $150 to buy groceries, I can keep $50 in my Fiverr account for purchases. By always withdrawing more than $50 I keep PayPal fees capped at $1 too so I’m hanging on to every extra dime. :slight_smile:

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