I think Fiverr should remove the negative feedback option


Have to vent. Not sure if this should be listed in The Ranting Pot. Some buyer gave me a negative review and will not respond to my messages when I tried to rectify the situation. I sent this buyer several messages and he/she will not respond. It was a simple mistake on my part, but buyers should respond in my opinion and give sellers a way to make rectify the situation. I know one negative review is nothing to worry about, but if there are a lot of people like this buyer and that scares me.

You guys know the old adage “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all”…

Here is what I am proposing as an alternative to negative feedback:

Instead of a negative feedback option, Fiverr should have a “Flag This Sale” option or something like that. If enough buyers, like 10 for instance, click that link, then the seller gets a negative rating and not after one.

Craigs list does it this way where if 10 people flag an ad, it gets banned.

I really wanted to rectify this and it bothers me that the buyer never responds. Customer Support could not help.



While I actually understand the reason for negative feedback option, I think it should be mandatory that they post a comment as to what happened and why they gave that rating. I’ve had situations in the past where spammer accounts bought a gig, and after it being done to their specifications, they still marked it with negative feedback. After contacting Fiverr support, they always helped me remove the negative feedback, making sure it didn’t effect my ratings. They’ve always been more than great in a fair situation, but because it was a mistake on your part, it might be difficult to rectify. Good luck to you, though!


The problem with removing negative feedback completely that I see is that there are then 9 people not warned with potential legitimate problems before anything is done to tell the seller "this is not okay"

As a buyer that would definitely shake my confidence in purchasing from anyone from fiverr.


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