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I Think flag is the most important for getting order


I Think your flag is the most important for getting order.i did see if you are from USA or UK or your flag is USA or UK then you will get more order then Bangladesh,India, Pakistan. Do you agree with me? please comments.


The only times i look at the flag is when i need some form of writing gig done in a specific language.


I look for good English in the gig descriptions and profile.

Even if your flag is US or UK I can still tell that English is not your first language. This signals to me that business communication will probably be difficult or ineffective.


They say if your flag is US or UK then it is safe to buy. However, yes, with flags originating from different countries, there may be differences.

US and UK flags are generally favored among other flags.


I dont think it bcoz experience and performance are everything. Many freelancers in Bangladesh are getting job from different countries. Mostly from USA and UK. I’ve also done 4 projects successfully with 5 star and my Clients are USA. Thanks.