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I think Here time is not the money

I been waiting for a week,as a newbie, worked several gigs, adjusted the price, still got not a single order. time is passing by, i’m holding my breath as a sniper does. don’t know when i’ll get a work to do.

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Are you responding to buyer requests?
Have you made a quick video to promote your services and put it on Youtube?
Have you read all the UPYOUR info on the forum?

Lots you can do to help yourself - or you could just sit and wait I suppose. :wink:


Offlinehelpers may I know how to put it on YouTube

Just do a search on Google for ‘how to upload to Youtube’ - should tell you everything you need.

Good luck! :sunny:


Welcome to the family dear,
If you are using buyer requests efficiently you should be getting orders by now. Keep on improving your skills.:slightly_smiling_face:
Happy selling

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i’m trying to respond almost all buyers request each day of my category ofcourse. youtube option is quite good. i vl better try out that. each day i go through forum news and topics. whats kinda “UPYOUR” info thing can you plz explain?
And thanks for your correspondence .
Good day


you better search it on youtube and make sure you have your personal email ready to receive mail from Youtube, and do hold the authority to access it. Upload or share then… happy sharing…

If you search for UPYOUR on the forum, you’ll find a series of posts which will help you promote yourself and your gigs. :slightly_smiling_face:

oh yeah… gotcha… thanks… i’m on my way…

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is that so? but i’m literally getting numb reply from them…now thats a serious issue for me to deal on my 8th day…

Be patient and work hard hope you will get order soon i also got my first order in few months

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hie… thanks for the opinion…

Keep improving your gigs and apply to buyers request every day. Buyer request section is the goldmine for sellers.

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