I think I am about to have my first nasty buyer


Buyer shows up after order has been marked as completed and funds cleared. He says I did a longer video than what was requested in the gig. This is wrong as he clearly requested for a longer video when he asked for a revision. I also gave him more revisions than what was stated in the offer I sent to him. I’m not about to back out so I told him nicely if he wanted a revision, I would send him an offer for that. I do suspect he’s trying to make me angry and talk nasty which I’m not going to do.

I guess we will both be sending messages to CS soon.

Can I report him to CS if he doesn’t stop?


You did the right thing by sending him an offer. I don’t see that you have anything to worry about. The time for him to ask for a revision is long gone.
Buyers need to make a revision request as soon as they get the delivery, not later.

There is a well known phenomenon called buyer’s remorse which simply means that after a buyer takes possession of something at some point they think that maybe they made a mistake or want something different.

It sounds like this is the problem and it’s not about anything you did wrong.


Thank you, glad to know I’m on my right.