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I think i am hacked

Hello all,

First of all, i finished my first gig few hours ago and buyer was just perfect.
Few hours later i come online to check if i have any notifications and i see that all my description was changed even the profile language. I tried to change descriptions back but it wont apply and when i try, it changes to something else. I contacted support center and im waiting for their response. Im not saying its his fault ofcourse, but it happened after the gig was done.
Did any of you encounter something like this before?
What to do?

Best Regards

The same thing happened to me just now.

Currency was changed to Australian dollars, and my profile description was changed. I already contacted the support and am awaiting for their response.

You are not hacked.
It is now happening to most of the sellers just like the previous notification bug where we were getting different sellers notification. Hopes the Technical team will fix this soon.

I am very sure they are working on it right now, just be patient with them

I am patient, but im freaking out :smiley: Hopefully its not a big deal and they can fix it.

My profile was about design, but change to “Top Quality Videos & Voiceover’s: The Face & Voice for Your Story!” i think someone hack my account, but there’re have same problem with this. i hope will fix it soon.

me too exactly the same and no one is reply to me in customer service

I changed my security settings and clear my cookies/cache… but still the problem is there

In Fiverr Android and IOS App everything is fine.

Its happen to most of the fiverr users. It happen to my profile also. May be its technical issue or its hacked. Need to wait for solution. We can’t do anything

Same to me, every time I refresh the page it changes descriptions. This could be a serious problem because I am not an Astrologer but everyone who views my page thinks I am.

Seems like they fixed it.