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I think I am in dire need of help (Newbie)

I made an account and two gigs I am getting decent impressions but no clicks. Can someone please review my profile and tell me what I am doing wrong.


Because of my profession I have extensive experience with translating and proofreading medical papers to Turkish or vica versa. I’d be happy to offer my services for your EN or TR text. I’m doing the job I know the best, you are at safe hands :slight_smile: Feel free to contact me! :slight_smile:

It’s vice versa.

I’m doing the job I know the best is very awkward-sounding. You may want to try something like, “Because of my long term work in the medical field, I am both comfortable and capable with both languages.”

At safe hands isn’t the turn of phrase you are looking for. The saying in English is “in good hands,” (like our American insurance company, Allstate) which means that someone who knows what they’re doing is taking care of you. “At” would be more phrasing you’d use for someone or something traveling to and stopping or arriving at a destination, and it doesn’t really fit with this saying.

You are definitely going to need to put word count limits in your gig tiers, trust me. As a client, I might think a “normal size” job is 10,000 words. Figure out what limits you want to put at each level - I’d suggest taking a peek at the format being used for the most popular EN-Turkish translation gig on Fiverr for ideas - and get them in there before someone tries to take advantage of you. Even though you say to contact you first, trust me, like 80% of people won’t and then your completion queue is going to take a hit.


Thank you for your reply! I wasn’t expecting an answer that quick :smiley: I am going to do all the things you listed thanks again