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I think I am providing unique services on fiverr but

This is my gig,
I am a garphic designer, I think I am providing unique services on fiverr and writing excellent to the point proposal in BR. But I don’t why I am not getting sales? even the client does not send inqueries. What is missing? can you suggest me?

One more thing, should I try other freelancing platforms too or just focus on fiverr?


I tried other platforms but I keep coming back. I am no expert but I check your gig from a buyers perspective and I think you should change your gig picture to something less busy. To much text. Put your experience in your description too.


Your whole gig was good, a buyer was thinking to order and then and then he came to the last line
Deliver time rarely differ due to technical/domestic issues
So you are saying that delivery time can be late
Don’t do this. SHOW CONFIDENCE. Buyers come to you as you are the expert. ALWAYS MAKE GIGS FROM BUYER’S PERSPECTIVE


I guess it’s very difficult to look at your work from the side and judge it fairly.

I know you are claiming to have “unique services” BUT

let’s start from here: there are a lot of sellers offering logo design and on top of that all your logos are copy pasted Clip art from the internet and I just put it together. I would even question if one of them might be a copyrighted image.

So nothing really unique in this.
It might sound harsh but fiverr is very strictly with copyrighted materials and that also answered the question why don’t have as many orders as you would like to.


As expected always from you. If you mean the work, then my work is what buyer required and what they provided me to work on them exactly. And you are not supposed to mix all the fake graphic designer at all.

I’m not sure what kind of response you are expecting when you are stealing someone’s work from the internet :woman_shrugging: I have no sympathy for people who is using materials created by others.

I attached here a screenshot from one of your logos that you created. And those 2 girls are not your drawings obviously. I’m working in that style of fashion illustration and can easily recognise those illustrations.
So how’s that unique to steal the work and present it as yours?

I highly doubt that you clients gave you permission to use parts that were created by other artists that can actually sue them for using that in their logo.


This job was a tracing work, the client wanted me to trace it exactly. You don’t know the order then how could you say or argue? if someone came to me to trace statue of liberty then that does not means that I owned the copyrights or misused the picture.

I would suggest you to work on your skills before trying to freelance. You are just wasting your time and other’s money by trying to freelance with no effort from your side to actually learn designing. I am actually surprised that you have 15 reviews.
I am sorry to say this but my eyes hurt after watching your work.


beta g chashme pehn lo phr.
It depends on the clients and their needs, What I have done was required by the clients and they got what they needed thats why they gave me good reviews and rating.

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You had a choice to put your best work in your first 3 thumbnails and also a choice to not put the stock vectors in the completed orders section. Look up for “Dunning Kruger Effect” I think that might help you.
I am not trying to be rude or anything. Just trying to make you see the other side.


I do appreciate the people who list my shortcomings, but dear, if a client give you direction to do the job in their way so there is nothing left then. What I have done is for sake of reviews, it’s their matter from where they brought the designs, I do have all the conversation of me and client but can’t show them here. You will get to know when you receive more jobs. We are here to serve the clients not to fight with them that their concept is wrong etc etc.

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Actually, yes, you SHOULD stand up for the integrity of your work. If a client tells you to do something that is wrong, say “no”. Stealing someone else’s design (and calling it your own) is always illegal. Creating your own original work, is not.


Don’t waste your energy @jonbaas on this guy, I just checked his work on the internet, and everything is copied from someone else. How he got his 15 reviews is a mystery…


I’m not sure why you’re arguing with me, and I don’t understand your argument.

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Add your skill and experience bro in description

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Actually there is no space left to write more.

Then remove useless thing and add main things

You didn’t write main things .
only add about your packages…

And also change your profile picture… It’s looks like you are singer…

Add professional picture

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why would you come here for advice on how to get more clients when all you do is argue with all the advice given to you? do you actually want help? i’m confused.