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I think I am the first who is offering this type of fast service!

That’s because the minimum delivery time is 24 hours. Even if you set that time for yourself, it’s meaningless because the countdown won’t end within two hours.

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But, what if I can send done work in 2 hours?

Then you’re free to send it in. I’d personally be wary of anything that isn’t trackable by the Fiverr system, though, and I don’t think it offers any real advantages to have such a quick turnaround time. Who is out there who needs a logo so urgently? I’d say those clients are probably bad news anyways…


The things you are trying to let me teach are really great :slight_smile: I really found very helpful for me in just two of your comments :1st_place_medal:

Nah, that’s nothing. Wait till you see the rest of the forum.

In other news, you might want to consider editing your gig description. The second bullet point list returns a lot of hits on Google. For sure, a copy-paste description is a red flag for a customer.

woooooooow, you are really amazing… Am I talking with a human being or some bot??? you made me shocked.


Lol, unfortunately I’m just another person with the ability to Google search.

Good luck though :+1:


The question , how google telling you the thing that I used in my gig is very popular? :smiley:

Google searching a phrase will bring up other instances of the same phrase. It’s not that hard.

Also, that part of your profile really didn’t jive with the rest of it. You said you were offering 2 hour deliveries in the title, and that part said you offered 24 hour deliveries. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out.