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I think i became invisible

I want help because I am very worried … I am a first level seller and I draw children’s books and I used to make two or more books a month, but suddenly I don’t get any requests and when I submit an offer in the buyer requests, my offer is at the bottom of the list… I became invisible :pensive:


Here’s some suggestions for the gigs which might help:

Gig: I will be your children books illustrator,creat awesome illustrations
Maybe change the word “creat” in the gig title.

A few of your gigs have the same description. It might help (eg. SEO-wise) to make them unique.
Maybe setting the aspect ratio of the images that don’t show best on the profile might help (eg. where some text or important part of the image gets cut off), eg. around 1.619:1.


thank you for your suggestions!

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