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I think I can go Pro


Does it matter that you don’t have a website? Or a large social media following?

I’ve applied to be Pro on another account a year ago, but I think I’m a lot better in terms of quality and I was wondering if I could have someone critique some of designs I am submitting to Fiverr. I didn’t have a following then and I don’t have a following now.

What criteria do they most care about?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!



Will be following this as I’d like to go pro also


On another account? How many accounts do you have? Did you get a response?

It’s ok if you want to post your designs here. I would be interested in giving my opinion on them.

I know a Pro seller without a website or social following. It mostly depends on how talented you are as far as I can tell. The Pro seller I know is so skilled that she gained some recognition after being on fiverr a long time. However, she does have a long work history outside of fiverr.


I don’t see any Fiverr Account for rikkijanae1 or rikkijanae. I would offer more thoughts on Pro, but that might not be important yet if you are posting from a suspended or deleted account. Am I missing something?


The user account is no longer available. I think her 2nd account is also banned now. But you can share your thoughts for other members. I always love to read your informative posts. :smiley:


This gives me my first lol of the day. It may be hard to be Pro if you can’t keep your various accounts active and unbanned.


My account definitely never got banned! :slight_smile:

I deleted the account because I wasn’t happy with the work that was showcased on because it was when I first started doing design on Fiverr so the logos were TERRIBLE.

I wanted to start new since I’m able to deliver way way more higher quality services.

My only Fiverr account is:


I don’t think that matters. Fiverr Pro’s are a very select group of very talented people that are extremely famous among their peers.

For example, I know someone who’s a Chief Creative Officer, that’s HUGE, that’s just one step down from CEO. Guys like that probably make $150,000 to $250,000 a year, and they might get profit sharing and who knows what else. Someone like that can definitely become a Fiverr pro if he wanted to.

A Fiverr pro might have designed a world-famous logo, or might have an Instagram account with 20 million followers, or might have been a pioneer of Facebook advertising, or an award-winning art director. We’re talking about people that can charge $500, even $2,000, and not care if they don’t get orders right away.


Based on my record here, if they had pro in my category, it would be hard to see why I wouldn’t be considered a pro, and yet I doubt if the rules about becoming a pro would allow me to be one.

So just being good at what you do is not enough. You definitely need a resume that shows you have experience outside of fiverr.


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Even though I am nowhere close to being a Pro at the moment.
But I am definitely interested to know what should you be doing/achieving to become a Pro seller and typically how long does it take to become a pro?


But if you had another account and they closed you, was it for some reason? illicit things or error of the page? There are many people who can be Pro without having thousands of followers. Have certified work by Fiverr