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I Think I Get Why There Are All These New Updates


This is what I imagine happened at Fiverr HQ:

GUY IN CHARGE: People we need a new look for 2018 that’s not terrible and brings more sales - Hit me with what you got.

Nice Guy 1: Let’s finally do something about the buyer requests the community has pretty much been yelling about that for a while now,

GUY IN CHARGE:No, something better more ambitious!

Nice Guy 2: Maybe let’s add a better vacation or out of office tool to give users some breathing space?

GUY IN CHARGE:…I know marijuana is legal and all but don’t smoke it when you come to work. OK?

Nice Guy 3: How about we revise our terms with PayPal and other credit companies to minimize chargebacks?

GUY IN CHARGE:HAHAHAHA, get out. Seriously, if someone doesn’t come up with something fast none of you get your Christmas bonus.

“JIM”: How about we make unnecessary and practically uncalled for GUI changes to the site like we’re trying to get over an abusive relationship we just ended a week ago?

GUY IN CHARGE:Jim you lovely genius! You get a promotion and dinner with me at 8 at that fancy new place.

What’s your take on this? How do you think all these decisions go down?

NOTE: In all fairness, I like all the new changes people are reporting except THAT I HAVEN’T SEEN ANY. The white header looks pretty damn good

NOTE 2: This is a satire post, no flames or wars. LOVE FIVERR


Guessing its a classic case of too many decision makers.


Isn’t it mostly the CEO that finalizes changes like this?


It’s all up the the programming department to come up with changes, and most of the time they don’t need anyone’s permission so they go ahead and do them.

At the Monday morning meetings they read what the programmers have come up with and everyone votes but everyone goes along with it.

I’ve worked in an office where all advertising was strictly the choice of the designers without any input from anyone, just to get it done and over with quickly and easily. That’s my experience with a company and in an office.

I don’t know this is how it’s done but that’s my only office and company experience.


That genuinely explains a lot. I’ve worked with a few businesses locally and if you wanted to make some changes all the top brass had to confirm it followed by a week-long sandbox test.

Luckily, it’s all on the user front and nothing on the back end for now.


Maybe they throw all ideas at the wall and see what sticks, meaning they try all sorts of things and then see how it worked.


Nice, good to know me and Fiverr work the same way :3


No idea how things are done on fiverr but in my experience with big companies ideas often go to a section boss who picks a few to present to a board. The the board votes for what or if anything is worth presenting to the CEO, the CEO is to busy so the ideas are put aside and forgotten, then later a board member remembers part of the ideas and schedules a new board meeting…


Or they probably sit around and brainstorm to come up with new ideas to try out. I am not sure how much the staff actually uses the site as sellers who have an idea of what would be helpful or how they come up with ideas.

One goal is in mind, which is to get buyers to spend more per sale.

They are on the right track with the little popup when you hover your mouse over a user name.


Yeah, I agree with that. Looks like Fiverr is finally taking Delivery Time a bit serious now which I’m very happy about.


One of my boss learnt me the “no strategy” strategy :

  • don’t think, don’t plan, try everything and if we succeed we’ll say that it was our very secret strategy.
    Perhaps this boss has been hired by fiverr.


I had a boss that thought that way too. Unfortunately his business closed up in six months.


The company I am talking about closed in 18 months !


“Vetted is having put someone or something through an extremely careful examination.”

I thought they meant a veterinarian checked me over.



I love what this post is turning in to :smiley:


Maybe the changes to the GUI were to make it more visible on phones.


Well, the red font for the Logout button definitely makes it easier to find among the other settings from 2am onwards.