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I think i have a problem with my gigs

the last month i have 6 orders but now nothing
i dont know
if i have problems in my gigs please tell me :frowning:
i need help :disappointed:

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no problem with your gig as you already completed 6 order. try hard to get some new order once your gig is up with some good review you will get regular order

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thank you very much for your support :heartbeat:

From a writing perspective, you have 1200 characters available to use for a gig - you are only using 185 of them :slight_smile: The more you fill out your gig, the more information in there that could attract someone searching for a seller like you. Think about the kind of people that need what you do - maybe new businesses looking for a hand-drawn style logo? Events and conventions that need a hand-drawn-look logo? I see you have a tattoo flash review in the gig, maybe mention that your work could be used for this?

Even though your art is beautiful to look at, it needs a story too :slight_smile: Remember, clients are looking for you because they can’t draw like you, which means that they are searching using words, not images. You have to “talk in their language” in order to get them to your page to see your art. Does that make sense?

thank you so much! it really makes me think! :two_hearts:

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