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I think I have been let down by fiverr

I’m a VO guy. got a few gigs and 100% feedback rating. I do like to spend with fiverr and support the platform. I chose to spend on a gig with a heap of good feedback. (st least it looked good) It was a service offering white hat backlinks slowly placed so that they would seem natural. The gig was $165 plus bits. I paid and the seller was slow to do the first part of the job (on page SEO) and that part was very amateurish. Now remember this gig had a lot of good feedback from people excited that they WERE going to get results. Yes the operative word here is were. You see the promise from the seller was tp do a job over 90 days yet Fiver let the job mature after only 3. That meant you were unable to find accurate feedback because as we all know you can’t put feedback on the gig after 3 months. Why would Fiverr allow this gig to mature early? BTW the seller is now uncontactable and the gig has been taken down. Do I have a case against fiver for allowing this gig through?

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Hi @ashleighmac It’s so sad you had such a bad experience with Fiverr. I would suggest you contact Customer Support, explain your situation politely to them, and am sure they’ll be able to help you. All the best.

You are probably eligible for a refund. That’s probably why the gig was taken down.

Ask customer support for a refund since you did not get what was promised.


I have sent a note to Fiverr. No reply yet.

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It’s because he replied via email, so his signature was automatically attached.


That is such a terrible thing to go through… I hope that CS gets back to you and you can have some clearance with all of this. I will say though, kudos to Fiverr for doing something about that account. Update us when CS replies!

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I’m not sure adding backlinks that way is such a good idea anyway, or trusting someone to do it the right way. I’ve heard horror stories of it going wrong.

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It’s not allowed to offer a service that takes more than 30 days to perform. That should have been a red flag (and that’s probably why the gig was taken down).