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I think I have been scammed


I am seeking help from the community. After delivering the order, the buyer gave a revisions saying that he needs to check all the images correctly then he will come back as the files are taking time to download and he needs to check the work. After three days, I got a notification saying the order is canceled and I will not be able to contact him anymore. In this three day, I knocked him several times but he did not respond and even he did not come online at all. Now, the order page saying the order is canceled. I have already ask for help from Fiverr support.

Is that even legal?

I think I have been scammed.

Please help!!!


Wait for the CS answer.
If buyer doesn’t like you work, CS cannot help you to convenience him/her :slight_smile:
Just focus on your good work and keep improving.


Thank you for responding. The delivery was all right. The links he provided to get the images, was downloading the images automatically. I didn’t get any chance to see the images, he provided. I just downloaded the images from his given link and worked on them as per his requirements. I asked him to give any revision he wants from me, I am ready for revisions. But still, he didn’t contact at all and suddenly the cancellation. :frowning:

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Is the buyer’s account still active?


Might be he is a scammer but in most cases buyers demand for modifications. Anyways, all-in-one answer is CS is not going to help in order to convenience buyer to accept your order.
Might be he has Paypal dispute. (in case if his account is not active)

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Thank you for responding. He didn’t come online for 4 days. He asked for time and requested a revision then he was gone. I messaged him several time but he didn’t come online. He is still in Fiverr. I think. Thank you.

Most of the new sellers are facing this issue so you are not the only one.

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Then might be he don’t want to get any revision. All I can say, leave it and move on! :slight_smile: If you forcefully deliver your order, he might leave a negative review on order. If you have full confidence on your services, then just deliver it with this message:

" I hope you have got your delivery, I have asked you several times for revision, however, if you dont want to get any revision, then just accept this deliver or else you can contact me anytime for modification. Thank you!
There is a risk but you can try.

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Thank you for your message. I would take negative review if he had accept the order. The order amount was $2925 and the quantity of images were 19700. Me and my 10 member team worked hard day and night for last 20 days to deliver the order in time and we successfully deliver the order on time. He told me he got the images all right and downloading them.

There is no way I can deliver again as the order page saying, the order is cancelled and I can not no longer contact him.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you

Hello, he is not online for 4 days and my inbox showing I can not contact him any more. Is that mean his account is not active? Please let me know. Thank you.

Thank you for respond. If this is happening more often, then it is very sad for us. We worked hard and they are looting us. Shame .

In my opinion, even though CS cannot convince a buyer to accept an order, they can do a lot more by contacting the seller to verify accusations levied by the buyer before taking action to cancel and give warnings. Some buyers are really terrible and after using your resources to do their work, they just find easy motives to cancel and CS will just cancel.

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Unbelievable, this is beyond terrible. :hushed:

Sounds like you and your team worked your arses off. I’d be livid! :rage:
Also, when a Buyer initiates a CB, they ban the offender account.

This is why I’m hesitant to accept large orders on this platform.

Read this thread this user was refunded, you can ask CS for help. But, it seems like they refund Sellers on a mysterious case-by-case basis.


Thank you for responding. I need CS help more than ever in this case. I don’t expect CS to convince the buyer but I am seeking their help to investigate this is a scam or not. The delivery wall all okay but still how can a buyer stop contacting about the deliver and suddenly cancel the order. The buyers are taking advantage of our work and do whatever they want regarding a order. That should not be allowed.

Thank you.


Is there still a profile page for the buyer?


You need help from CS. This is ridiculous.


Thank you for sharing. Yes you are right. We should be more careful before taking large amount order. We worked day and night to complete the order on time and we did deliver the order one day before deadline. But seems all gone in vain as the buyer came out a scammer I think. I certainly hope CS will help on this matter. Still, this is very sad for us. :frowning:


The profile page was here but now I checked it said “the profile you are looking for is not available anymore” :frowning:


I truly sympathize with you. :worried: CB can happen to any of us at any time.
Reading how these cases are handled is really sad & upsetting.


I already contact support. I hope Fiverr will help. I will let everyone know what they say. Thank you.

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I’m so sorry this has happened to you and your team who did all that work. :frowning:

Fiverr - somehow this has to be stopped.