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I think i have improved my gig but still not getting a single order

Follow some of the suggestions by professionals in the topic, you will defiantly get your first order soon.
Work hard and don’t loose your hope. All the best.

Yes, i have tried sending buyers request on daily basis. But no conversion yet.

6 to 7 hours every day with not one order? That is a poor investment of your time. Something is wrong here.

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Stay patient,Grow daily.

Yes, its a poor investment of time. But what else I can do?

Yeah, I’m trying to do the same.:blush:

There are thousands of forum posts that you can learn from on how to get sales on Fiverr.

I would also develop a greater understanding of buyer behaviour and learn about competition, supply and demand. It’s clear you’re lacking an understanding here and that is going to hinder you no matter what Fiverr-specific tips and tricks you learn.