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I think I just got conned (multiple times)

I had a feeling somethings wrong, but as I read the forum I see many had this expirience.

Basically some random buyer with random keyboard bash name like " sdfgs " or " gsdji " orders something for a very low price and says he’s in a hurry, I stay up all night to do this crap and deliver a great product but then he suddenly has all the time in the world and demands countless revisions.

What the hell do I do now?


The first step would be to reduce the number of free revisions you offer along with your gigs. I am not sure if at the time you got “conned,” you were offering the same number of revisions as you are offering now (a maximum of 2 free revisions).

If the buyer is requesting for paid revisions, I’d gladly do it. If you want to reduce the number of paid revisions that come through, you could increase the price of the revision extra. :slight_smile:

The order had 1 free revision. All of us are afraid of bad reviews so we keep giving free revs… But this is enough now. I told the guy its over.

I’m so furious I could smash my pc into dust right now. How the hell is fiverr silent about this! No seller protection at all. The guy has a fake businessman picture and a “fadfasd”-like name.

To be honest I dont even know how his order came to me, we didn’t have a conversation, it just appeared in my orders and it said " congrats you got a new order, you got 24 hours to finish "

Is there a automatic order accepting option that I am not aware of?


A buyer can place an order regardless if you want to work with them or not, even if you decide to block them. Offer the amount of revisions you promote, anything after charge extra.

If they try and cancel do not accept, you just going to have to bite the bullet if they leave a negative review.


Correct me if I am wrong but I believe this has changed with the latest update. Now, you can prevent a previous customer from placing any future orders with you if you block them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think you can only block them from messaging you, I could be wrong but I doubt it.

The the ****** is wrong with fiverr? Placing orders without accepting. Dude what if I cant work at the moment? Or if I go offline 15 days. Jesus christ this has become the capital of all con sites

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@j6nyc6 This is taken from Fiverr’s post explaining the new features.

“Soon, sellers will have the option to stop communication and orders from certain buyers, all without impacting cancellation percentages or seller rankings.”

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I use the Out-Of-Office feature when I need to guarantee 3 or more days off in a row.


You can always increase the delivery time of your gigs. :smile:

Also, if you are going on a holiday/going to be inactive for a while, you can either pause your gigs or activate the out of office mode like leejohnsonvideo said (if you won’t be able to respond to messages from prospective buyers).


Going back to my original post. The guy just filled a dispute said I delivered bad work and he wants to cancel. I googled his profile photo he can only be found in random pinterest pins of mens suits n ties.

I don’t want to say it but that sounds extra fishy… probably a "cough"scam “cough” …

I am fairly new to fiverr but im not new to scams on freelance sites. I hate this crap, ripped my back off for a few bucks to maintain a good ratting. Now this “model businessman” comes and ruins t


Yep and they need to implement a process to cancel an order without both parties. So stupid.

Yeah thats a common issue .But you can mention under gig desciption and make them noted about revisions.Anyway for an order as a seller or genuine worker we will deliver a far better outputs than we shocase in our gig.

Fiverr was created with the browse-buy-done mindset. Buyers were always able to place the order without talking with the seller first. That’s how Fiverr works, and it worked that way from the beginning. Some sellers write something like “contact me before buying” in their gig descriptions, but buyers are not obliged to do it.


Hello, sorry this happened to you.

A couple of suggestions:
Limit number of revisions to one. These guys look for the words “unlimited revisions” which is code for “take advantage of me”.

Refuse to cancel unless you really are scared of a bad review. It’s something new sellers have to put up with for a while, attracting these miserable buyers, but it gets better in time. They prey on new sellers.

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Aw man, that shucks :frowning:

He sent me a message where he said CS always stood with him vs sellers and that I should just cancel the order if I don’t like something or do the job (which I’ve done already).

I think when it comes to adamant buyers or scammers, it’s best if you cancel the order, because CS would ask you to rectify any complaints regarding your buyer. When it comes to bring threatened by buyers, it’s better to let go by cancelling such.

As per the free revisions, I think it’s best oferring 1 or 2, depending on what you offer.