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I think I lost a sale... what SHOULD I have done

So, a few days ago I responded to a buyer request offering voice over services. The buyer messaged back and stated that he is interested in my offer, and that his business partner would be in touch. He shared his business partner’s Fiverr name, and it seemed a little fishy at first, but I checked them both out and they both had great reviews. So it seemed legitimate.

An hour later the business partner did contact me, and stated that he was there to confirm the order. Now, here’s where things got off track, and I think it’s probably my fault as a newbie to Fiverr. But maybe you can help me pinpoint the mistake.

The business partner contacted me and referenced my previous conversation. Then he said “I will place the order right now”. I responded “Sounds good”.

Three hours later I had not heard back. So I sent a second message and stated that he could select the gig with the same price on my page, or I could send him an offer through the message link.

An hour after that I messaged that I had not seen a request.

That night, having not heard and knowing that the request was for a 24 hour turnaround, I recorded the project off of the script from the buyer request page just in case. The next morning I sent a follow up message letting him know the recording what done, and that I could deliver it upon request. I also at that point sent a custom offer through the link. I have not heard back since, and it’s been 2 days since the initial conversation. I did send a follow up to the original partner as well, but have not had a response.


Needless to say I’m sure this is not happening now. My questions as a new user with only one sale is, what could I have done to finalize this deal.

Should I have sent a custom offer through the “Send offer” button on my message page? Should I have done something else?

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You’ve learned the hard way not to complete any work until an order has been received.

Until a buyer accepts your custom offer or orders a gig, please don’t do any work - you won’t get paid for it.

Edited to add - at least you didn’t send them the completed work without an order, so that’s a good thing! :slight_smile:


Well my logic was what if I was supposed to send a custom offer and messed up, and they were expecting the work. Then my mistake delays the project for their client and I get a 1 star review. Better to over deliver just in case. I made the choice to go ahead and do it knowing it might not happen. I would never send the work without a finalized offer on the table. You don’t get something for nothing, ha ha!

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Totally agreed with Offlinehelpers. Sometimes buyer go offline (they may appear online but) they come back again after few days and give reply. You just need to keep patience and don’t bother the buyer with lot of messages. Sending a message again and again to the buyer may irritate him/her.


You’d be surprised how many do send completed work without an order!

As @philmoonamjid says, just be patient, they may come back to you, if not, there’s always your next buyer to look forward to!

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks. I sent a couple of follow ups and a custom offer. But I have no plans to send more. We’ll see what happens, but in the future heed this advice more closely

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To the point where the potential buyer says “sounds good” automatically send a custom offer. Even when it has the same price as your Gigs.
Sometimes getting a new client is like angling, you need to pull the line at the right moment.
Unless you have a lot of work, and a big queue on your Gigs, your clients sometimes are just not willing to go and order from your Gig when they have you on the messages.
Then you just do it, send a Custom and you get them.
Maybe the timing was not right this time. Next time pull the fish out faster :grin:


Just to agree with offline helpers here. I was one of those that completed work without an order. They acted as if they had put in an order, and I completed the work and sent it out as if I had an order. I even have the two offers I sent as part of our interaction that they either claimed to not see or somehow the messaging system glitched. I feel like an idiot because the whole interaction, aside from not being paid, was positive.

So yeah, don’t complete work without them accepting you offer. I should have known better than to trust they would do the right thing.