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I think i m being ripped off by a buyer


Hi, few days ago i started a gig for a buyer who need some medical illustration, he said he is in a rush and i work with him for two days making changes after changes, adding detail’s until he agree on every separate illustration. He stated numerous time in the chat he was very satisfied with my work …until the last and final illustration. When i sent him the finish gig after numerous modification he request changes and give me ten minutes time to do it, after i did it he did it again wit five minutes and then 2 min time…of course i was flag late …i think he belived he can cancel immediately .

Now he just ask random revision, that have no sense and he want them attached in chat so 'he can see them better"
I m absolutely sure that i m being ripped of . Is there any point to contact Fiverr to help solve this thing or i m just wasting my time.?


You may want to take advantage of the Resolution Center, but I would also recommend you do NOT send any images via chat, as that very well could result in your buyer receiving free work. If you send it via the gig, it’s watermarked, so the buyer couldn’t use it - or at least not easily - without completing the order.

I bought a logo myself about a month ago and I’d download the deliveries then open them in my graphics program, so your buyer should be able to do the same and open it in MS Paint, GIMP, Photoshop, whatever. I think that’s just a line you’re being fed.


@catavic Handling a customer is one of the most important factor.My suggestion is before getting start the order it’s better to discuss and finalize user requirements.I have 2 suggestions for you.

  1. Ask from him extra money for extra works without any hesitations.
  2. Or else, If you really trouble with the order it’s better to refund.


I m new on Fiverr and still learning, its my firs encounter with this sort of things .I concede my fault in this matter, sending him samples for review in chat , now i m stuck in a sort of limbo where i submit my work and he constantly ask for revisions. I just want to now if i just take my loss and ask for a cancellation or
is a way that Fiverr support can help me resolve this .


Both are possible.

Solution 01
You can contact customer support and make a support ticket for refund.

Solution 02
Go to your order page
Click on Resolve now button and cancel the order.

Note:This will affect to your order Orders Completed.