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I think I might have been blocked

I order from someone, and then I left a review saying their communication was not as great as it could have been, making the rating 4.7. The next day I got a message from them saying that they can’t work with me anymore because it would hurt their rating, and above where I would respond, it says “(user) is not receiving messages at this time,” and I can’t go to any of their gigs. I can see that their profile is still up, though. Have I been blocked, and if so, is it really ok to block someone because they didn’t give you a 5-star review? Am I missing something?


At Fiverr, we understand that people don’t always get along. Whether it’s personal chemistry, unmet expectations, or communication difficulties, you may not want to work with certain buyers.

The above is explained here from a seller’s perspective:


Most likely that you’ve been blocked.

And yes, it’s perfectly fine. The same as you are choosing which seller to work with, sellers can also choose with whom they want to work with.
And you weren’t fully satisfied anyway so why are you so worried that seller blocked your communication with them?


Why hire them again if they were not that great? Why not tip and treasure them if they were so valuable? They are not obligated to work with you, and everyone has the right to block anyone they wish. Nothing wrong with that!

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Sadly, some of the freelance Sellers here have the understanding that unless they earn 5-Star ratings for all of their jobs, they are unworthy and feel insulted.

Myself personally, I would take a “less than 5-Star review” as constructive criticism.

But I’ve also been at this for a while.

Yup, you’ve been blocked.

Should you start giving 5-Star reviews even if the work doesn’t warrant them?

Of course not.

Keep doing what you have been doing and hopefully you will find Sellers that are a better match (and aren’t so sensitive about ratings).


Yes, it sounds like you’ve been blocked.

Some sellers don’t like constructive criticism - or more likely, they prefer to hide the truth from others.

To be fair, it’s their choice. I’ve also blocked some buyers who were a total pain to work with.

Yes, you got blocked, as sellers we have to keep a maximum rating as possible, so when it goes wrong with a buyer, we generally block because everything is matter of statistics on this website.
Well, I never blocked a buyer for a review yet, but it happened I blocked buyers who were abusing of revisions in adding extra work, people who changed the terms of our basic project etc.

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Constructive criticism is always welcome in private (inbox). Not in public sphere. Never in the form of a star rating. The buyer in this case has higher (and probably unreasonable) expectations. There is no logical reason for the seller to continue working with them.

The seller’s reason that “it will hurt their rating” may or may not point to the review alone. It can as well be their experience with the buyer. There are other ratings as well.