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I think I need a hug

I’m shocked when I check back my fiverr at 12PM (GMT+7). It said “Error code 1009” and "The owner of this site was banned I.P address of your country"

I just get up from my short nap (Imagine my sleepless face with extra baggy eyes reading that horrible message). I confirm that issue with my fellow fiverr user from the next city. And yes, It was a desperation hours for us. I don’t know what to do with my 18 homework in queue. Such a shame if I really banned in that condition.

I clear my history, cookies and everything frequently in my browser. And after 3PM, I can logged back in. OOOH, I thought we would be banned forever. I feel relieved till now.

P.S: Sorry for my bad English. (Wait, Bad English? I love that band)

It is not actually Fiverr that does it. They outsource their software. I am on a pretty minor ISP in Sweden (apparently only a few thousand people use it) and I get banned from time to time as the ISP is so tiny it is often recognized as a spam thing. Always clears up in a couple of hours :slight_smile:

Happy to read your issue has been solved. I know how you feel, it has happened to me last week when I woke up and logged in to deliver my very first order.I was thinking:“Why on earth didn’t you deliver last night, you idiot?” Thank God it only lasted for a few minutes.When you deal with machinery, sh*t happens now and then :slight_smile:


Reply to @ryangillam: Yup, And it’s different from the previous alert. I assumed that it’s only maintenance thing. But not for this one.

But funny thing, I have this feeling inside my desperation:

“Don’t worry, maybe it’s an April Fool Alert”

Reply to @psychicninadia: I feel so lucky, because I reset my duration to 10 days on some gig a month ago and my homework is still fresh.

It’s hard to lift my pencil that time, yet I don’t want to leave my sketchbook blank.