I think I'm In Love!


I’ve joined very recently and I think I’ve had my active gigs for less than a week… I can’t believe I’m already getting orders! I’ve tried other free lance sites and never got a single order, I’m in heaven! In a few short days I’ve completed 5 orders and have 4 pending now with 2 more on the way!

I’m also amazed by how supportive everyone is in the forum, this is a great site! ;:wink:

update I’ve now made over 500$$ And love it more than ever! ****


Glad to have you on board :smiley:


Yes I see you on the forums a good bit ha!


Yup its an awesome platform that makes us realize v that can make a difference in our own simple way L-)


Reply to @deannabalestra:

Hey!!! I remember you! I just saw your profile picture and thought, I’ve seen this face before. I’m glad you are doing well on here :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Haha betcha fiverr makes a very loyal boyfriend :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! Yea I check the forums quite a bit - when I should be working. . . :-0


Nice gigs, I must collect yours as I’m sure I’ll want them :slight_smile:


Damn. On your way to level 1 already. if you need a little promotion on my blog page I have a Forum thread going for some free FB promotion. Just collect my Fiverrtastic collection and a separate collection of mine and I’ll promote one of your gigs.



@deannabalestra Wow! No no no no…I can’t believe this! Total of 24 orders in que! And you’r just a newbie like I am…congrats!. Am sure you wouldn’t go this far without promoting your gigs and that’s my weak point. Would you mind teaching me how you do this darling or could you help promote mine?


Reply to @newopp: Thank you!!


Reply to @soldierdollar:

Yes I’ve now made almost 300$ in half a month!

I really can’t say I promoted them anywhere. I put them on my facebook but all my orders seemed to come right from Fiverr. I think video helps and talking to people in the forums here helps.


Reply to @deannabalestra: I looked at your gigs and they seem really cool. Congrats on getting so many orders. When you write blog articles, do people then feature them as a ‘guest post’ or how does it work?



yeah, hey, you’re getting major orders! congrats.

I was bolstered after getting an order on here the first day after I put up a gig.

Did you do anything special to get the traffic?


Congratulations! I’m also hooked on this. Been hanging out and reading the forums. Helping out where I can and asking for help when needed. Great community here!


yeah right now my gigs aren’t getting any order but that happens from time to time its good when you start getting loads of orders in :slight_smile:


Reply to @kardamom: No they are able to post them as if they were their own original work (although a few have offered to put my name on them which was awesome) - they own the rights though it’s like ghostwriting :slight_smile:


Reply to @kuzzmedia: No I think the first few orders were dumb luck LOL then once I had positive reviews it started to go fast from there!


Welcome to Fiverr and congrats on your orders. It’s uphill from here.



If you want more orders, see my forum post on successful gig requests in the “Tips FOr Sellers” section.