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I think I'm kinda lost?


So after St.Levels Day & losing my Level One Seller badge, things just went below than expected to be. I did expect to get negatively affected, but not that bad.

I’m not writing this post to rant. Indeed I don’t know what to do right now.I never faced that situation before! Anyway, let me describe that situation.

I now have like 0 requests on the Buyer Requests page every day. They sometimes get to 12 but within minutes, they get back to 4 and then 0. In addition to this, My gigs aren’t getting any sales. (They never did actually. They started to get sales few days before I get demoted.)

So I’m now sitting feeling so desperate as I got 2 weeks vacation Off of High School that I planned to work non-stop. But right now, I can’t get any work going as there’s no requests to submit my offer at neither there’s anyone reaching out to my gigs.

So I was wondering, how do you guys interact in these situations? How do you get things back together? For me, I enrolled into a course to increase my expertise (Since I got plenty of time now). I also did few changes in my gigs which seems that they didn’t affect anything :neutral_face: So is it just a matter of time or there’s something i’m missing?


I think you should add a video on your best seller. It will actually improve your visibility.


I actually thought about that. They’re kinda expensive tho. (at least for me). However, I might end up taking the risk & do that if nothing else works.



Did you read this Fiverr blog? Maybe try one that only costs you a bit of time first.


If you have a phone that takes good vids you can try making one yourself, just introduce your services, explain what you offer etc.


Think you need to remove the line “Not the best in the field, but working to be!” from your profile description as I am sure that will, (and has) put some buyers off.


I changed my profile description few days ago so maybe that line that I wrote, as you said, turned some buyers off. :thinking: I’ll remove it and I’ll see how it goes for the next couple of days.



I did think about creating my own, but I’m a camera shy so that’s a big issue for me. :neutral_face:


You have always got to come across as positive and professional. No one wants to buy from someone who says “Not the best in the field”. You have got good gigs and good reviews. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Just checked . That’s more like it!


Oh, I get you, I don´t have one either. I think a “personal” video will do more for sales than a whiteboard etc. one unless you sell that yourself, but only do it if you feel comfortable with it, of course.

You ever thought about perhaps looking for local clients while you´re on vacation? Perhaps some small businesses with elder people as owners, those often don´t have a website or sometimes really outdated and ugly ones and might be delighted if a young and computer-savvy young man who could be their son or grandson would make them a pretty modern site with the added benefit of them being able to chat a bit with him while talking it over?
Don´t know if that´s viable where you are, and obviously, you´d need to find some who can see the benefit that might have for them (though maybe you could convince them if you show them how people always look for things in the internet nowadays when they are searching for a shop, restaurant etc.) and also are willing to pay for your time, just an idea.

For on-Fiverr, I don´t have any better ideas than the usual, try to tweak gigs and find places to market yourself, no spamming unrelated groups or friends and family but find forums etc, where potential buyers are, post useful things that show you know your stuff and gently point them towards your gigs.

But agree with lloyd. Perhaps it will pick up again soon too. Hope you´ll be able to see more BRs again soon as well. :four_leaf_clover:


Spread your wings and fly. What I am trying to say is…don’t rely on Fiverr only.

Also, look at your gigs to see what you can improve and what else you have to offer.

Best of luck with everything. Before you know it you will be busy :wink: