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I think I'm slowly quitting but the slow is slowing down


So first of all,this is not a clickbait. I just have this thing on my mind that i need to get somewhere ,so where else than here. I am not begging for attention either,i just need to get this thing off my chest.

So It’s been some time here on Fiverr ,I’ve posted gigs,and did as i was taught by dozen of information I’ve read on the internet. I’ve done these “10 golden tips for selling” as many times as I’ve stumbled upon a copy-paste post,and as i was surrounded by people that made their first sale in few days,minutes,secounds ,I started to feel more devastated about my analytics and the big ol’ “NO SALES”. I’ve still kept on putting my motivation mask by listening to podcasts ,learning,developing but as much work as i put in ,the results were no more than same as at the beginning. I did Buyers request as much as I was allowed to and as much as could ,but still no difference. I was running in a spot.
I was sceptic from the beginning about offering my services for such a low price ,but i figured i might draw some more attention to my work . Those things started hitting me hard in the feels. I now think i will quit soon ,and move away from Fiverr for good. I don’t want to be mean or anything ,but as i said i wanted to get this thing off of my chest. I only want to ask you guys 1 thing. Is there a reason for me to stay ? So before you start complaining about me bi*ching around ,please have in mind that it will not get you or me anywhere.

Also sorry for my bad English ,since it’s not my native.

It’s funny how i degraded

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You joined 4 days ago with one gig so you are now quitting. Freelancing is not for everyone but the decision to quit is your own to make.


Hi Blooye, I checked out your gig I will create an AWESOME illustration for all your needs - I would recommend putting a gig video where we can see your work in action. The pictures look cool, but it would be nice to see the picture in an actual illustration.

This way we can see the actual product we are buying.

Hope this helps.

4 days? slow claps

@misscrystal Where did you get that information ? :confused: I did alot of freelancing before Fiverr ,but I figured I could explore Fiverr’s abillities a bit.Sorry,don’t wanna be rude,but you are jumping into conclusions really fast. It’s not my goal to demotivate people…

I could only do something like speed drawing. But i doubt it’d help.

Ok good stuff or you can make a video of your self drawing the actual gig. Hope this helps.

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If you joined Fiverr just four to five days ago (despite freelancing elsewhere), this isn’t giving yourself enough time. Why do I say that? I freelanced in three other places before I found Fiverr, and even though I was popular in these locations, it still took people a month to give me a try. It just takes one person and one awesome review to get your foot in the door. It also takes patience and dedication. Less than a week and you want to quit?

Reconsider quitting, review and update your gigs, do some advertising away from Fiverr about those gigs and be patient.

If you want to become a wolf, stop acting like a sheep! (If you want to be the best, you have to show yourself to be the best… not just on Fiverr but everywhere you advertise.)

Good luck!


Thanks for the response. I again feel like i should say i don’t wanna be rude,probably because i am ,at the end. But where did you all get the information that i joined 4 days ago. I did not sign up for the forum untill 4 days ago but I was on Fiverr alot longer.
I know what it’s like when you are freelancing. But have you read the post i made. I said that i was surrounded with people saying how they got their first sale in less than a minute. For real.
I updated my gigs recently,gave it more eloquent description.I even added FAQs and sh*t like that.
I do suffer from inpatience ,but you don’t know how much i fought it for Fiverr. Did i mention i had an account before this one … Or that i deactivated this one before?

Thanks ,it’s like beating cigarette cravings.

All I see is that you joined 4 days ago… if that’s the Forum, so be it.

As for people saying they got their first sale in less than a minute, then either they were really lucky and stood out OR, they’re lying. It’s not that easy because you’re fighting for your stance in the field.

And, no I saw no mention of your previous account. Also, I have a few tips for your gig description, if you’d like them.

And yes I know that “it’s only that long you’ve been here. You should wait a mont minimum”…To that i say there is a guy who recently posted that he had 2 active gigs on here and he didn’t get sales in over a year or so.It’s special example but still . And considering i did a good amount of marketing everywhere (Google+,Pinterest,Twitter etc.) I think my post is here with justification.
I did have previous account that i waited for about 10 days and had nothing despite having like 3-4 gigs ,then i opened this one and had about 6 gigs in different areas of graphic design , and still had nothing in about 10 days or so ,i think . Then i deleted them and added these gigs that are now present on my profile and i’ve put alot of work into exposing them.

And now that i went complete a$$hole and i typed my whole autobiography on fiverr. I can accept the offer despite having a ton of doubt since if exposure out of twitter didn’t bring me anything why would some description changes do the thing ?

Would it bother you if I chose to give you attention anyway?

Here, have some of my attention. gives attention.

You are 72 hours old on Fiverr and you already decided that your motivation magic sauce is not working for you? Some marketplaces are more rewarding for programmers, some are more rewarding for writers and designers. Though I agree that certain kinds of marketplaces work well for certain kinds of skillsets, your problem seems to be something else.

This sounds more like a spiritual question about the nature of human existence, more than a Fiverr seller asking for practical opinions.

Quitting wouldn’t mean a change in status quo anyway. Since your gigs already aren’t getting any sales, quitting would simply mean that you would choose for the status quo to continue.

Most sellers here ourselves do not know whether we are going to get a sale the next morning or not. It would be presumptuous to tell you whether to stay or leave. All I can say is, all this uncertainty and insecurity which is bothering you is not going to leave you after you quit Fiverr. There are no safe zones in real life. The economy is always bad and what you observed on Fiverr is a subset of what you will face in real life as well. There’s no running away from it, unless you are quitting one option for another option.

Doesn’t matter, don’t beat yourself over it. No one knows your name here, no one can judge you even if they want to. Your mind is hopping all over the place. Find a way to calm yourself.

This might help.


One of the secrets of success is never to give up!

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I don’t really know how to respond to this ,or if i should. I am just going to avoid responding since i’ll just burry myself deeper so by that being said …I need a cigarette. Thanks! Great response.

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…or maybe a new haircut?

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Cliché is an expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has become overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect, even to the point of being trite or irritating, especially when at some earlier time it was considered meaningful or novel.

LOVE IT :heart_eyes:

Don’t really have anything new outside the excellent posts above. Many of them, including many TRSs had beginnings on this platform that were far meaner and more discouraging than yours. But they stuck on, doing ALL they need to do. If I were you, I would ask myself 'what next thing do I need to do?'
Have you found out about other Sellers in your niche? What are they doing that you aren’t doing? Don’t say you have done everything because in practical terms you can’t really get to do everything. But there’s always the next necessary thing to do. Think.
On this platform (and elsewhere) you need tons of patience. You just have to be upbeat. You need to “see” and “prepare” for your buyers who may be very close by.
Do however realize that running away from challenges (which you are contemplating) isn’t the ideal; rather face the issues squarely and sort them out. That way, the experiences you gain in the process would help you here, elsewhere and even someone else. Pardon me if I’m not making any sense.