I think it is time to fire a client of mine


Have you ever had to “fire” a client? What steps did you take? How did the outcome turn out?


Yes a couple times. Most recently, I had to fire someone who thought that because they placed an order, they had gained a 24/7 penpal. Would keep asking “Any news” or “what’s up”, all day long. I delivered and then told them when they came around the next time that I was too busy. What happened with yours?


I tried explaining that we’re not a good match, but that didn’t turn out well.
I tried raising my prices, but they still hired me for their next project.
I tried to show my lack of interest in the project to give them a hint, but they didn’t get it.

Finally what worked was simply saying that I’ve taken on a different project and I simply don’t have time for them anymore. Nothing personal, just business :slight_smile:
I wasn’t lying either because I did find better clients and I focused on their needs.


I’ve fired many who were too much trouble. I put up with a lot but when someone was sending at least six messages a day for over two weeks after I delivered I had to tell them I don’t have time for so many messages and it was not fair to me. I also say that we are not a good match sometimes.


I’ve done it a few times, the reasons were different each time, but the thing that they all had in common was that they were becoming too much trouble to deal with.
I honestly told them I can’t work with them anymore and I explained it honestly each time.
Not sure if it is the best approach, but it did work for me.


My most recent was someone using two accounts and messaging me repeatedly on the account she did not use to order from.

I could see by the user name on her new account she was trying to copy me, since her name on that was almost the same as mine.

She was also fishing for as much information as she could asking things no one else ever asks along with multiple messages a day. She was saying how she was about to order all my gigs.


When I had to do that I just told them how it is. Without knocking around the bush.


Wish I could do that too…


I just say that I am busy with some other projects and not taking new for few days…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That results in being contacted over and over again.
If you really don’t want that, just say that you consider yourself not a good match for him/her and that he/she will find a better match among the other thousands of sellers.
This is actually a little bit knocking around the bush, but you get rid of him/her nonetheless.


Usually they demand over and over to know a reason why so I try to use different tactics first.


I have a deja vu. Didn’t we discuss this in the past?

I think if you tell that you don’t think you both are a good match, there is nothing much that needs to be answered to them. And if you really want to get rid of them you can reply to every following message “Please don’t send me any new messages. I won’t work for you anymore and if you order despite of it, I will cancel the order right away.”

If this doesn’t help try: “We are not a good match, because if I think of you are diagnosed with a terrible disease, this would totally make my day.”


Usually when I tell them that, it is because they are terrible pests, and use that as a new excuse to continue to pester me demanding a reason, but at that point I stop answering them.


You are in a position to cast a terrible spell on them. This should shy them away :wink:


They are not bright enough to realize that, some of them.


Ha, I don’t know what that means but I think I can guess. :rofl:


Believe me, we both don’t want to experience this.


They have terrible communication skills. They can’t explain directly what they want. They take something that is simple to explain and turn it into a long drawn out explanation that leaves me even more confused!

I have worked with them several times but it is getting to a point I think it is time to call it quits for good. I have tried to fire them in the past but they just won’t let go -_-


I don’t fire clients often but I do fire would-be-clients regularly. Or perhaps that’s best described as just refusing to take work on that I know will be hassle.

If they make it to the order stage and the details are incomplete and they don’t respond in a timely fashion, then I will cancel the order instead of dragging things out waiting for them to respond. Likewise if the gig is ordered and details sent, then after you ask one clarifiying question they start to ramp up the requirements beyond the price/package they bought.

My gigs are all 24 hours but if the client doesn’t have all their stuff together at the order stage then I decline.

I could make my gigs longer but the appeal of fiverr is turning things around quickly. This approach has worked fine up to now but it’s probably gonna backfire and cause me to drop a level next month due to my high cancellation rate.

Exciting times!


Yep! I know the feeling :-/ Even higher prices don’t scare them away.