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I think it's just hilarious


… that Fiverr has an option to charge for shipping and then maxes out international at $8! I guess they expect people to swim over to the next continent and then walk it the rest of the way.

Or maybe Superman can just fly it over in exchange for a cheap lunch, if he’s still around :laughing:


Hmmm, I wonder if Superman is willing to help me deliver some stuff from Japan to California, I’ll gladly buy him a Subway sandwich…


He’d probably like it a lot, now that there’s no yoga mat in the bread.

Does anybody know how to contact him? That could be a great service! I will … get Superman to deliver stuff for you! Oops, now somebody will probably put that out as a Gig. And get Buyers. And then disappear.


only worth it if you sent a postcard…


I sent a hand-drawn postcard-sized piece of original art as a gift to the UK in a padded envelope. Total bill $13.85. First Class.

It’s not 1960 any more. The rates need to be updated.


I understand, does the shipping charges are for you? if so, then explained about fees in your gig and sent them more postcards!!!


It wasn’t for a Gig, and I also don’t like overcharging. All these half-baked “features” are really frustrating.