I think It's No Way for Me to Make Money on Fiverr


Hello guys, how are you doing? I think there’s no way for me, maybe for some others out there to make money on Fiverr. New members would get harder to get new customers. I have been on Fiverr since 2012 but seems no more than 10 people PM me asking about my gig. So, do you still believe to get rich, or simply making 1 or 2 sales in a day or week on Fiverr?

But luckily for you who have a lot of good ratings as you will be listed first on the Fiverr search tool when new customers want to search for a certain gig with a keyword. So, I think Fiverr is not a good site to make money for new members.

This is the reason why article writing is not the most lucrative on Fiverr

If you’ve been on Fiverr for 5 years or more, you can’t be counted as a new seller. :sunny:


Yes, I’m not new here. But I have low selling performance here. It’s why I created this post. :smiley:


And in 5-years, you never thought to yourself… "Mmhh maybe I’m doing something wrong or this service simply isn’t in demand?’


So after 5 years of not making more than a handful of sales, you started wondering whether or not you can make $$ on Fiverr?

I am not shading or anything, it’s a legit question.

When I first started out in 2013, I had a pretty good indication early on, on how I was performing, what worked and what didn’t, and how I was performing relative to what everyone else on the platform seemed to be doing.

There’s a lot of trial and error when setting up your business and trying to find your audience and piece of the pie.

But what I am getting at is: those are all things you need to ask and check early on.


Don’t be disappointed. Try new things to promote.
And wait for some time. You have to wait for 1st gig.
Then it will run regular.
Wait some time


How long? is 5 years OK?


hi fiverr is great site to make money with your skill.you have to be creative.i’m level two seller,i make over $1000 within one year.its not a easy job,but not hard as you think.start again


Really! level two seller and you make only $1000 a year?! I think it’s not worth that time and stress


you have to be patient.i’m dong fiverr as my part time job,in my free times.good luck


And you too mate, but what is your niche exactly?


what do you mean mate


if I may interrupt for a moment @tivewebs @salindals :

Neither of you guys is from the UK or Australia, and as far as I can tell, you are not sailors either.

So what’s with all the “mates”?

Is “mate” the new “dear”?


hi buddy i just asked the what he mean by the above massage.not the meaning of the mate.




Can anyone speak on their gig experiences? Meaning did anyone learn from it? Were you better skilled after the work was done and last is any of the project still active. If so are u following up?


Same condition bro I am in fiverr from Aug 17 and open 7 gig but nobody knock me yet. I dont know is it possible to make money from here?


I don’t know why you didn’t get any order. I joined fiverr 8 month ago and already completed about 1.5K orders.


I like to say mate all the time, mate.
I hear it a lot from the British and I like the word and its pronunciation, mate :smiley:


I was asking about your niche, I mean what do you do? what field do you work in?