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I think it's unfair, to censor a topic just because, it has been debated many times


I make the clarification, it’s just my opinion, I think that’s why the forums exist,If I consider that a topic is super repeated, I just leave it and move on to another,surely someone will come who has not read it and it will be useful, I think it is a very unfortunate attitude, to qualify a subject as spam only because it is repeated,

pd: the earth rotates every day, every day babies are born, and every day people die, but, why boy to bother me?


I think the main issue is because it isn’t likely to add anything fresh to the discussion. There is nothing to stop you from searching for older threads and posting on there. The other advantage of that is it will provide you with other context, thinking, and viewpoints, which can help you hone your own argument.


The mods have control over what is considered a topic that needs censoring. It’s not supposed to be fair.


If everyone did the same as you did then the forum would be full of repeated topics which would block out or hide the new and fresh topics. Pretty soon people would leave the forum, especially those who contribute meaty, useful topics and all that would be left would be those who create a topic with 2 lines about something without any real thought or consideration.

If someone starts a topic about an often repeated subject but has added some extra insight or useful information then it is likely to be kept and even pinned. A 2 line topic with no insight just looks like an attempt to get attention for whatever reason and so it is removed.


Your comment makes a lot of sense, and I agree with you that it’s about generating useful information for the platform, which is constantly growing, so I think that once a “useful” topic has been created, it should not be throw in the trash. , nor censor.


That is what happens. We dont trash useful topics.
We only censor when it is required. Keep to forum rules and it should be fine.


I would like to know more, I would appreciate if you can pass me some link of the information. Thank you


This is an excellent place to start.


thanks for the information, I will repeat the step to read again, although I have already read it


A link to how it is on the forum as far as mods having power to regulate it as they see fit? Perhaps you can search for it yourself.

They are in charge and do what they think is best.


Thank you for being so kind :no_mouth:


Don’t take it personal, Daniel! The moderation team is only doing their job. Remember they are sellers/volunteers, too. Making the Community awesome possum for ALL of us to enjoy. :pineapple: :sunglasses:


You’re right, and it’s not my intention to take it personally, I would not gain anything, it was just a misunderstanding, I think that in the forums these things can happen,
and if someone was offended with any comment made, I assume and apologize