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I think ive been scammed by a seller

Hi,I requested a gig here yesterday for t shirt design and offered £40.He said he would desgn it from scratch using his artisic flair.The gig I chose was from a PLONKER in which he completed the gig within the timeframe of 24 hours for $42.When I looked at the design it was nothing like what I had ordered.This got me suspicious so I googled the image and found that he just copied it from a website.I sent him a message about it and his response was that I didnt state that I didnt want a copyrighted image.Any advice would be much appreciated.Thanks…Scott

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Hi there!

Can you please remove the seller’s name from your post - thank you!

I’d think the best thing you can do is to contact customer services:

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks ,I have looked at customer services but cant see much there if you come accross a scammer.I have put in a dispute but it is only to try to cancel my order.This type of seller should be exposed and banned in my opinion.

File a dispute on copyright grounds. If your seller has used someone else’s image, they have committed copyright fraud by selling something which they have no right to. Fiverr will take notice of this and you should get your money back.


If you open a new request, and choose trust and safety, that looks like your best bet:

The forum isn’t the place for calling out buyers or sellers - only CS can help you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok,If I win my dispute and get my money back does this seller get to carry on selling here

That is up to fiverr to decide. No one here can answer that.


My dispute apparently goes straight to the seller and if they dont dispute it then I get my money back,and as far as i can see thats the end of it.Is that correct?

Yes you get your money back and can then move on and find a better seller hopefully.

You can also report them to customer support.


Thanks I do get that,get money back and brush it under the carpet,the seller then does it to someone else

Probably unless customer support decides to take action against them.

You need to remove the seller’s name or it will be done for you soon.

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No,I think scammers should be exposed


It’s the rule of the forum you cannot name and shame anyone. Believe me no one here is interested in who it is or has any intention of buying anything from them anyway so it’s useless.

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Does it upset you as a seller?

lol no you are missing the point.


I feel like a victim here as i have been scammed,please protect the scammer

I understand that you feel that way. We get these kinds of messages constantly here.
We are used to it. It does not do any good to post the seller’s name as we don’t care who it is and are not interested in who it is. We know there are scammers here.

There isn’t much else we can tell you that hasn’t been said.


If you don’t remove the name, the mods might remove it for you for violating forum rules.
It’s not about protecting the scammer, it’s just that if mods allowed the forum to become a space for naming and shaming it’ll turn into a mess.
None of us have the power to actually take action upon scammers so, again, taking up your dispute with CS is the best option. If you report them to CS, they might be punished. If you’re just posting in the forum, it’s not really very effective at accomplishing anything.


We’re not protecting anybody - we’re all buyers, just like you, and some of us are sellers as well.

Here’s some forum help:


Just wanted some advice at the start and letting off some steam