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I think i've been scammed, Please help!

Basically, i ordered a level on Geometry Dash from this guy for £37 (including seller fees) round about the end of July. I messaged him every couple of days (like every week or so.) but he wasn’t responding. I ordered the same product from him a while back, however, and the product was perfect, arrived in 2 weeks, so why he wasn’t responding was a mystery to me. He then sent a message saying he 'had some personal problems and was going away until the 1st September, which i thought was fair enough, and maybe these ‘personal problems’ were the reason he couldn’t respond. So i waited, and messaged him back on the 1st of september, saying “hey, how are you? Just wondering if you could give me a timeframe of when the level will be ready?” And the day after me blocked me (Not recieving messages at this time). I haven’t heard anything from him since, despite trying alternate methods of communication. I would assume he just upped sticks and left, but he’s delivered 3 separate orders since then. I heard that you can delay orders for ages to avoid a bad review, but i’ve made it clear through alternate methods that i won’t leave him a 1* review if he delivers it, but still nothing. I’ve reported him (Much to my regret) and i can’t think of anything else to do. Can you guys help me out?



If it’s been over a month since you ordered and he’s not responding or given any update and he’s blocked you you could request to cancel through the resolution centre at the top of the order.

the problem is, i don’t want to cancel… his first order was top notch.

If you reported using the “report” button you could try contacting CS through a support ticket. They may take days to respond but they could ask the seller to respond to you and/or deliver the work (it’s probably likely that the seller would once CS got involved).

ok, how do i contact CS?

Though this link :

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Sounds like an unreliable seller. That’s why I prefer to look at the project brief before starting work. Still zero order!

Te, the odd thing is that he has 5* on EVERY other order (49) that he’s done, and he’s actually done orders for me before.

I don’t think a lot can ever be gained by forcing someone to complete the order that he clearly does not want to complete any longer–blocking you is quite a strong statement! :slight_smile:

It may be that he realized he charged too little for the work or that there are other simpler orders in his to-do list.

He is behaving very badly, of course, but not cancelling doesn’t make much sense as he is making it very clear he doesn’t want to work for you again. If he does deliver and you leave him feedback, he could leave a negative comment in his feedback for you on the basis that he feels forced to deliver.

I would report him and cancel, and find someone who deserves your business. He doesn’t deserve your order or your funds.

Oh, and I don’t think you have been scammed because if he hasn’t delivered, he won’t be paid. A lot of buyers think sellers receive the funds at the point of ordering, but we only get paid after the buyer has signed off a satisfactory order. So if you cancel, the money will come back to you.


Thanks :slight_smile:

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I feel you deserve much better. There are many seller’s on Fiverr. Some which are as talented as him. Find the right seller and cancel this order with a bad review. Trust me it’s worth it you can even get you money back

Do you have the link to the gig?
I am not sure if I can do this but I can message him to see whether he is responsive then I can share a link to this post. If he blocks me then I can ensure he just wants you’re money and he is a scammer

You are not allowed to “name and shame” buyers or sellers on this Forum, so, no, they cannot share the link of this seller.


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True, everyone should be decent here.