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I think I've been scammed?

I ordered concept art from an artist on here and their example works looked fantastic, they looked like just what I was looking for.

But I’ve just received my final delivery and it is nowhere near the caliber this artist claimed to be at given their examples. Are these grounds for reporting them? I’m in shock at just how far their work is from the art on their page. I’m convinced they nabbed someone else’s work.


I am sorry to hear that. As a seller I know that many sellers like me work really hard to build a strong reputation. You can definitely report their profile and also you can contact customer service to solve the issue. In the meantime, do not accept the delivery and explain the situation to the seller that you are not accepting because the delivery was not nearly close to what you were expecting.


Just out of curiosity: can you post here what you received as a delivery?

You can google search their gig pictures to see if he took them from somewhere else

If you can find evidence - yes


If the work is significantly lower quality, than absolutely! However, it may take several deliveries that have this pattern before the seller is permanently banned. Here is what Fiverr’s TOS says:

Sellers must deliver the same quality of service as shown on their Gig images. Recurring deliveries that don’t match the quality shown on the Gig images may lead to the Seller’s account losing Seller status or becoming permanently disabled.


I’m curious to see it as well. I still remember that ghastly logo of a hairy gnome/elf queen holding a bag of money that was shared a month or two ago. :rofl:


Me too! :see_no_evil: it was unforgettably bad…


Thanks for all the replies. I’m attaching the final image (still has the fiverr water marks.) I’m speechless.

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Wow. This is a bad example of concept art. Sorry to read that you have this experience receiving bad quality of artwork from a seller.


Well, thank you for sharing at least!

I am definitely not qualified to criticize drawings/illustrations/paintings but have to say, the lighting is all kinds of wrong.

For a (seemingly) dark mine shaft, everything is quite darn well lit with a distinct lack of shadows being cast by, well…anything.

The person seems completely detached from the environment and seems almost “floating” in the image.

Someone more qualified can do a more thorough tear down. :sweat_smile:


I really can’t tell if they’re just not a good artist or lazy…? Or…? Because, heck, this is their example image:

That’s not even similar, skill-wise or stylistically-wise. Maybe the seller had their child or nephew do the order for them. :laughing:

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That’s the only logical possibility outside of them actually scamming me. I don’t get it. I searched the image on google, no other results so…

To be honest, as a concept artist/illustrator for 5 years – I would called this as lazy artist who doesn’t wanted to take the art seriously. I have seen a lot of debate going on at DeviantArt forums for years which we considered them as lazy artist or any (amateur) who are rushing the artwork for the money they could get to pay the bills and rent, etc.

This artwork look better than the first image you posted with bad lighting and shadow and lack of drawing prospective!

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WOW! I see your problem. I’d be annoyed too if I bought something with that example and got THAT. It looks like it was made in MS Paint.

I couldn’t do any better myself but in comparison to the example it is actually laughable.

You can give them another chance to give you something of quality in revision. Was it delivered really close to the deadline? They might have rushed it at the last minute. If this was the case maybe with more time they can produce something better.

Otherwise you can just cancel.

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For me this looks like just taking screenshot from game with bad graphics… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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They had sent a couple really rough sketches a week before delivery. I didn’t think it was anything to worry about as most initial sketches are pretty barebones anyway. Then 2 days before delivery they sent the background only, agains thought it was just an early concept, then they sent the same image again with some random planks added in. That’s when I got worried, then I recieved THAT. Very well could’ve been rushed. I’m not sure.

The artist could at least send you a request for an extended, if you want give the artist another days to take little time to finish the colors. However, judging from the first image of a character pose; the anatomy drawing and the wolf, the lightings, shadows and the colors are all wrong…


If you only pay $ 5 this is what you will receive, however if you wanted the design to be of high quality … wow that I imagine it would cost about $100 or or more! :smiley:


yes, i thought it was something like runescape xd


It’s actually a reasonable drawing when you look at it on it’s own. I couldn’t even get close to that.

But when you look at the example, then look at what they sent, it looks dreadful.

It’s like eating a burger from the finest five star restaurant, then eating one from macdonalds straight after haha.

I’d really question too if the examples they have are their own. You could try taking a screenshot of the examples and reverse image searching them. It will bring up anywhere else on the web they’ve been posted.