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I think my competitors are asking for good reviews

I am a level 2 seller working on the Music & Lyric Videos section and get almost always 5 star reviews . But here and there I get a 4 or 3 star review but still maintaining my 4.8 average required to maintain my level 2 . I do not include and direct or indirect request for a good review in my deliveries .

I see at some of my competitors get constant 5 star reviews without any 4 star in between for 100-200 orders in a row .I checked the quality of their deliveries by being able to track some of their reviewers from their Fiverr usernames to their Youtube channel and they are nowhere compared to mine regarding quality , color grading or artistic vision considering we are operating on the same price .

I always get a 5 star for communication as I am always polite and understanding with my buyers and often offer them free revisions .

I am starting to doubt my competitors include a line or two in their deliveries which are denying the occasional bad oe moderate review as we all know there is always that client who will not be satisfied .

I also know that it is against the fiverr TOS to force or make the buyer submit a good review , but I am really sure these sellers do it subtly , in such a way that they bypass the system and I have also seen cases here in forum with lines in the likes of “Feedback is the sellers lifeblood here on Fiverr . If you are happy with the delivery please be sure to give a 5 star rating or if not you can always request a revision” or something similar .

Are these allowed ? What are other similar ways to deny the ocassional 3-4 star without breaking the TOS as I think I am playing at a disadvantage here .

Any answers are appreciated .

Thank you



You better not risk it. Even if you were to bypass TOS in any given way, there’s a chance you could be reported to CS and it only takes 1 buyer for that to happen.

Are you ready or willing to take a warning just because you think other sellers are asking for 5* reviews?


Please also consider that they are top and level 2 rated sellers which are in the business for over 1 year . So I am not sure if their methods are really posing any risks to them as they are quite successful . I would really appreciate some answers from people who are willing to risk or have gotten a warning or two about these things, where do you cross the line ?

The “do not risk it” advice is too shallow for what I am asking here . Sorry metasun .

Thank you


Don’t mention “rating” or “review” to a buyer as they could get you a warning and Fiverr could consider it against the terms of service.

Also, as long as it isn’t putting your level at risk, occasional <5 stars shouldn’t really matter and shouldn’t matter to a potential buyer, especially if they’re not very low ratings.

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Hi @cristocola,

No worries, you’re welcome and it’s ok with me. It’s not my account, it’s yours the one you’re playing with. I just wanted to let you know what could happen.

Good luck !


I had people telling me one of my competitors was asking all her buyers to leave a 5 star review because she “needed it to help her business” and then she disappeared from fiver.

Fiverr does not play around. It takes one report one time and you will be gone.


Thank you @misscrystal for reigniting all my paranoias.


What other sellers do won’t effect you. Focus on delivering great service and your reviews will reflect.


Just don’t screw up and you will be ok.


This whole thread is based on an assumption by the OP that his competitors are doing something against the ToS, and are somehow getting away with it.

There’s no proof of wrongdoing by anybody to warrant this assumption - all it’s succeeded in doing is worrying other users for no reason.


Why worry about what you competitors are doing? How will that help you? Just think about your own gigs.

If you are thinking there is some sneaky or secret way of always asking for a 5 star review there isn’t. Any hint of that will be seen through.


I have this one thing to tell you cristocola, point of views are really different from one another, a client might be happy to hire you doing their videos based on what they’ve seen on your gig, so they expect closer looks to that, and that’s what they liked at first sight placing order, what’s left is how the seller will deliver the work in terms of quality and time, if they meet the buyer’s initial needs they’ll be happy to leave a good review without the seller asking them to do so.

In contrary, if you’re gigs are so promising and looks super professional, then when you make the work, it’s not as high quality as your gigs display the client will be expecting much, and could be the reason not to give you a higher rating, also not speaking if you delay the delay by a few hours.

So better not to judge or assume other sellers asking for positive reviews by tracking their performances, I mean you may not like what they do, but that specific buyer asked for that specific product which they like! It’s a question of taste when it comes to making visuals.

Also one more thing, I checked your profile and I liked one of your gigs, you’re doing well…but keep an eye on your negative reviews they should be telling you where to put more efforts on, remember that critics are you best friends if you want to succeed.