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I THInK MY Delivery is Late because buyer ask for revision late

Hello everyone,

Actually I am confuse about how to avoid being late delivery on fiverr, if your buyer ask for revision is late. suppose that you have some gig and delivery date of that gig is with in 2 days. You deliver the work on time suppose that with in 1 day, But some how your buyer is late to respond you with in 2 days (may be he/she busy some where) and at very last moment or at third day buyer ask for revisions (omg your delivery is automatically late), is there any way to avoid this.Your suggestion really help me and other new sellers.

thank you :slight_smile:
have a great day

As long as the first delivery was before the deadline, you’re fine.

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Same for me. What to do if I am showing late?

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You should request an extension from the buyer before the delivery time is late by clicking on resolution centre and following the steps from there.

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:arrow_up: This is the answer to your question too…

Even if it shows the order status “late,” you don’t have to worry about it AS LONG AS you submitted the initial delivery within the original order timeline.

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This no longer seems to be the case. I currently have an order in revision. A 24-hour countdown appeared, which as it counts down, a “late” stat in my dashboard is counting up. So currently it is showing 12 hours “late”.

The buyer has gone silent and is refusing to pay for the revision. So I guess that means I am now forced to revise for free before the time runs out.

And then of course I’ll get a bad review from an angry buyer who disputed the work, changed his mind about what he wanted after delivery, disputed the revision charge and sent demanding messages. I’ll be waiting for the bad review and the cancellation. Gotta love Fiverr.

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As long as the first delivery is before deadline it doesn’t matter what the clock says

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I think this might be an entirely different issue… I’d contact CS and let them know about this buyer not having paid for the extra service that you are providing.

I’ve heard that it can sometimes be tricky… especially in situations like this… where the seller doesn’t offer free revisions included within the main gig (no matter how explicitly it is mentioned in the gig, some buyers just don’t get it… They think they’re entitled to a revision by default). I do hope that you are able to get it sorted out though. Best wishes!


Thank you for your reply and kind words. I’m always happy to make minor changes for free but the buyer is asking for a full rewrite based on information not previously sent to me. But the clock scared me as it appeared after the huge red “LATE” that shows on the order page. I’ll bide my time :grimacing:

I think I’m feeling fraught as the last two weeks have been a living hell on here. Confounded yesterday by deliberate sabotage by a competior which ended with me receiving an account warning for “manipulation of reviews”. That didn’t happen. I’ve been on here 2.5 years but the last two weeks have made me question if I want to continue. I’m tired, and I’m tired of running to CS every five minutes only for them to side with the buyer. :expressionless: Thanks again!