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I think my favorite thing to have happen yet


Is the email fishing ploy, the one where the said buyer starts by saying - " Ah — yes. So how much will you charge for 1,000 words?". Then you e-mail back " Yeah no problem, 1 gig for 1,0000". Next one then goes – " So you say 1,000 words for 1 gig? What about editing?". OK at that point it has become redundant. First of all… we are sending e-mails so why are you asking me if you heard me correctly about how much 1 Gig would cover? Re-read the e-mail dude… and then maybe reading the terms of the gig posted would probably give you an idea… Ah but then you say. " Lets put this easier — I’ll do the job, 1 gig. We can call it a day". " Ooops — I already selected a seller. Thank you.“

No, you were shopping and wasting time until you found some poor individual who most likely sold their services for a lot less. Tsk Tsk Tsk. This Bazaar is very crafting indeed. I shouldn’t complain, that’s what we all do in the end when we are shopping for just about anything, for me, its more of the observation to the human condition and how one has to beat the bush rather just saying what you are looking for instead of being sneaky. Seems far more calm and easier to say – " Would you do x for y if not, thank you very much”. Whats with all the acting and drama about? I feel like I’m a Federation diplomat, talking to a Ferengi trade broker.