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I think my fiverr career is over

I used to get good orders but now from august barely any orders, i get 1 order in 6 days. I thought fiverr will be good part time source income. I see my friends who share the same category get good numbers of order. I stay online all the time but i don’t get orders. I have good ratings and good reviews.

My sales decreased after i delivered one order late.

I have tried buyer requests section to get some orders but buyer request section only gave me 1 order so i stopped seeing that section.

Can you guys review my profile and see what is my mistake?



Hi there,

Don’t get so discouraged, 1 bad month should not be enough to drive you away.

Keep learning get better at what you do and things will get better!



You’ve only got 2 gigs up - as a level 2 seller, you can have up to 20, so make the most of them.

(Note to self - follow your own advice!) :grinning:


The thing which discourages me more is that i was on first page of social media design 4 days ago.

And didnt get any orders.

Today i see that im not even visible on the search i saw upto 19Pages god knows which buyer will scroll to last page where i am listed. The chances are so low that i feel its the end.

Really disappointed. :frowning:

Yeah i had only one gig and now i added one more gig i don’t have any orders on that, lets see when this gig gets momentum.

Don’t let it get you down, @roshanekka, it’s just the nature of the freelance business. I’ve been on Fiverr for just a couple months now (proactively involved in my account management for about a month after I created an account) and I still don’t have any orders, yet. I don’t only rely on people clicking on my page to order my gig, I recently started going into the “Buyers Request” section to make offers on jobs people need to have done in my genre of work; very recently started offering well below my standard gig rate to try to “get people in the door.” In my opinion, 1 order is better than 0; keep hitting up the buyer requests! :wink:

In the future, I’d suggest to only commit to gigs when you can deliver on time or early. It goes a long way being able to hit deadlines for customers and go beyond their expectations. Just my two cents! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the suggestions. for every order i try to deliver the work asap. and so far i only had one delivery which was late.

also i used to visit buyer requests section but never git any orders.

I will visit again, however my category has a lots of seller and all buyer requests have a lot of offers sometime more than 100+.

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:flushed: WOW that’s a lot of offer responses. My category is much less active than that, however, one principle remains the same; The early bird gets the worm. If you treat the buyer requests like you’re mining for gold, you can see the moment someone posts and be the first to reply with an offer.
Hope this helps! (Even though it’s coming from someone with a current Fiverr history of 0 sales) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Staying online all the time does not get you orders - that’s just a myth. More so, Fiverr itself cannot and will not guarantee you orders or top/high positions - so letting things be and waiting for orders doesn’t work if you don’t actually do something to get orders and get your gigs noticed :wink:

Even if waiting for orders worked for you for a while, most of the time it won’t work. The competition on Fiverr has become too fierce, and I bet that currently there are more sellers than there are buyers :eyes:


What should i do to get orders??
Any suggestions apart from Buyers requests is there any way??

Have you read the “UpYour” forum posts? They are a gold mine for every seller!

» Read the UpYour posts «


Thanks, these posts are worth reading. I’m going through these i hope it helps me. :heart:


This one might just what you want, but I still strongly encourage you to go through them all, they’re not many, and they teach you a lot of invaluable lessons :wink:


dont worry…relax…dont lose hope. :slight_smile:

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Don’t give up man! We all went through the same. Everything will be fine! :slight_smile:

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Hello, I will give you a very informed advice.
Tips you read on forums about how to improve your gig and so on barely help.
You have to understand that Fiverr is facing a crisis of slump in sales at the moment. I haven’t established the reason why, maybe it’s to do with the economy or whatever reasons.
You should also remember that Fiverr is changing its approach of offering services so as to try to recover from the drop in sales. It is now becoming very difficult for just any service to be promoted by Fiverr simply because they are trying to force the sellers to offer unique services that will make Fiverr look unique from upwork and freelance.
So here is what I suggest.
Use social media to promote your gig.
Try to rephrase your gig if you have no problem with that.I personally have issues with modifying gigs since it always has an effect of lowering your ranking. However yoy can weigh in on long term vs short term consequences or start a new gig, which rarely works. So in short, try to offer specific service at some specific price, that’s what Fiverr is all about. They are dealing negatively with sellers offering generalized services.
In conclusion, I have been in Fiverr for more than four years and relatively done fewer orders but under my category we have offers that extend to very high prices. That said I will inform you that along the way you will have terrible months that you end up with upto no orders and there are months when you do beyond your expectations. However for now some external factors are affecting everyone, so take heart and stay strong.

  1. $5 is not enough.
  2. Deliver in 3-days
  3. Make people pay for 1-day delivery.
  4. Get rid of this: “Note: All Images are provided by buyers, If you want a cartoon character for your Channel art contact me through messages before placing the order.”

You’re an artist, you can’t expect your buyers to supply you with pictures. You have to find your own pictures, use free stock photography, manipulate them, and then do the job.

  1. Delete the 100% satisfaction guarantee. Nowadays, that reeks of desperation.

  2. To avoid messages, follow the example of your competitor, this is what he writes in his gig description:

“To begin, I will need:
URL to your Youtube page
Important Images ie. product images, self portrait, logo etc if any
Text to insert on the cover. And you can let me know the font type too
Visual preferences(color scheme etc…a reference image would be good)”

Don’t copy it word for word, just include your own instructions.

  1. Create more gigs. Just because you joined Fiverr doing one thing doesn’t mean you can’t do something else. You already have gig extras for Facebook pictures, so why not make some of those gig extras into other gigs?

Good luck.


Listen, order just kept coming last month, I was over the top and started working on things as soon as I cleared the previous thing, but down the line started hitting deadlines and even though I still delivered, it was already late in the timer, so I believe that is causing my orders to decrease this month. Don’t know, can’t tell.

On the other hand, I just keep on sending quotes to buyer requests, as they get picked out from time to time, just meet their budget and be very specific with what you’ll do and everything you’ll deliver.

Stay online, stay active and keep it up, brother. We’ll prevail.

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Actually I’m experiencing the same thing right now. I know that you’re not encouraging me but after reading all of your positives support, it make my day nicer and give me some more hopes. Sorry to hijack TS’s thread
but just want to THANKS.

Come on TS, get some coffee and let’s make it better again. ! :):grinning:

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If you have a look into any gigs under my category. The sellers are providing the same gig at very low price ($5) with unlimited revision and 1 day delivery. If i plan to change the price and delivery time i don’t think i would get any order. My category is very competitive.

SO many sellers are providing the same service at cheapest price possible. i see one seller do it at bare minimum price and have 15+ orders in queue. Looks like multiple peoples are managing one fiverr account. Because one day delivery for all 15+ orders is humanly impossible.

However i will try to remove few stuffs from my gig description according to you suggestions. Thanks for taking time for reviewing my gig and provide best suggestions for it.

Thanks a lot.