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I think my fiverr career is over

Yes late delivery will surely affect the sales. i have the same case as you. I delivered it late and that’s the reason why i’m suffering this month.

However after getting so many replies on this thread I’ve got strength to face the situation now and I will have patience in tackling the situation, hopefully i will get over this situation in coming months. I will make changes as suggested above. And I’m sure many new sellers get help from this thread.

I am also same case suffering now last August month one order got from seller later on the seller cheated with me and cancelled the order and directly reported to the fiverr now I am not getting any buyers message and order.I am waiting and hope will be over.

Go through the above suggestions and i hope you get some help with that. I’m planning to do modifications on my gig. You can try as well.

So I have modified all my gig now and waiting for new hope service all time staying in the online and requesting buyer requirements.

You’re so funny. I agree with you. If a seller treats the buyers’ request section with utmost priority, he stands to gain a lot. My account is almost the same as his. I try my best to make use of the buyers’ request section.


In my category, I’ve seen the same. Then I click on their gigs and see they have no orders, no one in their queue, maybe a few reviews and that’s it.

Then I look at those who charge more and some have a ton of orders.

I believe in being competitive, not in giving away the store.

Some people work faster, some work 10-hour days, you never know.

This is how I see it. If what you’re doing isn’t working, change what you’re doing. If you’re not getting orders at $5, charge $10, charge $20, and see if you start getting them.

Also, try to find a niche. Look at logo designers, you have retro logos, minimalistic logos, modern logos, etc. Book cover designers have specific gig for Christian books, horror books, romance, even adult.

They know that sometimes clients search “book cover” and sometimes they search “Christian book cover.” I know that if I need web design, I’m going to search “wordpress” or whatever platform I’m using.

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I also think my fiverr career is over. I’m so upset

@marinavnukova, if you want help, please start your own post.

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