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I think my gig has potential, what do you think?


So what do you think about it?

What do I need to do so it gets a bit popular?

Will probably improve it but I need some motivation for now, like, to get some buyers.

The price is super low for what I’m offering, but I want to see how much interest would there be for it



I’m sure what you’re offering is very good, but maybe you could make it all a bit clearer for potential buyers?

Your gig title is ’ I Will Create A Ftp Managed Https Website For You With A Domain’ but then you say in your description:

Are you providing a website or not? If you’re not, what are you offering - is it an SSL certificate? Are you including a domain name in the price?

As a buyer, I really wouldn’t be sure what I was buying. Sorry if I’m being thick BTW. :slightly_smiling_face:



Thanks for the reply

So to explain what I am offering:

You place order, and give me a name for a domain you’ll want, and a extension, for say: .tk

so you place order for a website with a SSL certificate.

After that, I will create a hosting with your domain.

Like, I will make sure is online and working, but the web files like index.html and other stuff are up to you

If you can, please tell me a better suiting title and explanation, as I can’t think of one for the entire public

Thank you very much, again!!

All this for just $5 for now! by the way!!


Gig is okay but title should be more clear. Then, a buyer can understand.


Thank you for explaining it a bit more! :slightly_smiling_face:

Who pays for the hosting costs?


So the hosting is free, and the domain too!

That’s what I am trying to say :slight_smile:

You just pay for the service of me creating your site :smiley:


Why not just offer to install the SSL certificate on an existing domain and hosting?

Forget doing the domain name and hosting - they don’t lend themselves to being sold on Fiverr very easily. Too many potential problems in the future. :wink:


Well, I did one for me like half a year ago and it still works

I can offer free consultation about any problem with the hosting and/or domain if that is possible, like I am offering kind of a help for setting up a website for them

I don’t know how to relate that better, but thanks again for reviewing it.

Hope it’ll work out somehow!


Why not offer it as a paid consultation? :wink:



Maybe I can give free consultation for it only a month after completing order, as a guarantee, you know :wink:
And then make it paid, as a separate gig, I guess

Thanks for the advice :smile:


Yes, offering a free domain and hosting is super risky unless you know your buyer and you’ve protected yourself, @vladk420. It’s a legal nightmare. What if the buyer has an issue with their website and it affects their business/lowers their sales? What if their site is down and they hold you accountable? What if they accuse you of accessing their data? Do you have a lawyer and insurance?

I’ve hosted and developed websites for people and it ends up being an incredible amount of work. The buyer will always go out of scope, there are loads of administrative duties, the buyer will contact you for troubleshooting, etc. What if they mess up their website and need you to fix it? You need to account for all of these risks in your pricing.

Plus, with such high benefits you’re inviting very unscrupulous buyers.

I would never offer free perks like that except if the gig was very expensive and I approved the buyer. The expense (you should include risks and time allotment in your pricing) of your perks shouldn’t exceed the value of the gig you’re providing, in part because you’re incurring risk and time, both of which you need to account for. Offer free perks because the buyer has earned them and because you get value outside of this particular sale, not because you really want to make a sale.



I am not offering support for an entire enterprise or business, lol.

What I am offering here is like, help for someone who wants to get started in web developement stuff of something, maybe a site for learning purposes and all that.

I don’t know how to put it in my gig so it would sound like so.

I’m not intending to offer further support with their site, that’s total craziness, heh.

I’m offering to setup only the hosting and domain, which both happen to be free.
I am not responsible for their site design and all that.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. I know you’re not offering those things. My point is that buyers will ask you for those things. Sometimes you need customer service’s help with your cpanel or what-have-you. That’s just the reality. A website is never something you can hand off to someone and be done with. Buyers will hassle you. That’s all I’m saying.

I’m not talking about enterprises. You can have a lot of legal issues even with a personal branding website.

You’re going to get some really sketchy buyers. The perks should never exceed the value of the service.


Thanks again :heart: , I understand your point and I am totally aware of that :slight_smile:

Guess I’ll have to make it clear in my gig or something.

Have a great day :star2:


@vladk420 You can also make it very clear in your gig that you need to approve the buyer before they order to ensure that it’s a good fit. That way you can have a conversation and get to know their expectations and all that. If you sense trouble, you can decline them.

I do that for one of my gigs and it works pretty well. A lot of people respect my request, but unfortunately a lot of people don’t. Haha.


This is absolutely terrible idea.
The problem is that you don’t know what you don’t know.

You should familiarize yourself with legal requirements when it comes to registering domains for others.

Others reading this post, if you care even just a little about your business please get your own domain.
For gods sake, if you can’t spare money to buy a domain that will be the foundation for your online identity then you don’t deserve online business.

The reason why it bothers me that people even offer this service is because we (web developers) have to clean up that mess.

On your profile you mentioned that you’re studying “computer related stuff”. Focus on your studies and when you’ve acquired a skill, offer a service that adds value to your clients’ business.