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I think my gig is one of a kind

hello guys
i have created new gig
briefly, extract email addresses for the visitors of any certain website
here is a link for more info

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I don’t understand what you’re offering here…

Are you saying that I can say, “get me the email addresses of everyone who visits the following website”? And you’ll provide that as a list?

If so, even if that’s possible (which I don’t see how it could be), I’m not sure it’s legal…

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yes that’s exactly what i’m saying

no, software i use is legally and has its own license

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What I meant by the legality is that if I visit a site, and don’t complete an opt-in form, my email address should not be available to anyone! If I complete a sign-up form, that’s different. If you obtain my email address without my consent, and then share that information, you’re breaking all kinds of data protection laws.


Using a software with a license does not mean it is legal, it simply means you are licensed to use it. And because of the new laws in personal data policy and privacy policy disclaimers that all well-respected legal websites have, I am concerned as to what kind of service you offer here…I am not a web developer but I know for sure that only admins of a website can have access to visitors’ data. Is this a cracking/hacking software and if so…doesn’t this go against Fiverr TOS???


I don’t actually believe that the OP can do what he’s claiming he can do here, especially to a third party website. I suspect this is just your standard website scraping service, where if an email address is mentioned anywhere on a site, the email address is extracted. I don’t see how else you would be able to obtain such detailed information about the traffic to a site that you don’t have control of. And if, by some chance, he is able to do this, it’s 100% not legal.

I don’t know why Fiverr allow these email scraping gigs. I can’t imagine in the grand scheme of things they’re bringing in that much revenue, they would surely be better washing their hands of anything like this. The only legitimate reason anyone has to ‘extract’ email addresses from the web in bulk is to hit them with spam that they didn’t request, which is against the law in most countries nowadays.


I totally agree to @cubittaudio

I think you are right
I will consider cancel my gig

:left_speech_bubble: Yes, better write Lead Generation in the title please
This is common used in your niche

Thank you
Best Ian

If that’s truly the case then OP has every email on Fiverr.