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I think my gigs have potential


Hi everyone!

I’m on Fiverr about 20 days as seller, but I just did two orders.

I think my gigs are good and have great potential, but I am not getting buyers.

Can you give me some advice and help me?



Reply to @sunshy1: Thanks!


Reply to @rachelbostwick: Thank you a lot! :slight_smile:


Try thinking about who would buy your gigs and then tweak the titles and key words for that. Example, the graffiti one. Maybe change it to a graffiti logo, so people looking for cool logos would find it. Do another for custom graffiti message, so someone looking to make a cool message for a friend would find it. Still another to do a graffiti name graphic. Something like that.


Promote your gigs on social media .


And if you need help regarding marketing your gigs you can contact me :slight_smile: