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I think my new revenues are being garnished for the erroneous cancellation of an order completed 3 months ago

So this situation is a mess and I’m feeling really upset and confused. If anyone can shed any light on it I’d be forever grateful.

  • Back in July I completed an order for $178, the buyer was happy, all was completed, funds were cleared and withdrawn.
  • A couple of weeks ago I got a notification that the order had been cancelled and the funds had been returned to the buyer. I didn’t see a negative on my account and this was so long ago that I assumed it was an error. I contacted support about it and never heard anything back.
  • Over the last week I’ve realised that once the funds from new work have cleared, they are being listed as ‘cancelled funds returned to buyer’ on my earnings page but that the order pages still list them as complete. 4 consecutive orders have now had this happen, to the total of $84.80 which has just vanished.
  • I contacted the buyer of the order that was originally cancelled and they told me they are still happy with what I delivered, that they didn’t cancel the order and that they have no idea why it would be cancelled.
  • I opened a new support ticket asking what was happening and included proof that the order 3 months ago was completed, sent and recieved. I voiced concern about my new earnings being taken away.
  • I got a reply today which was a copy and paste reply with a link asking me to check if I really needed support and linking me to a page on the help website. I replied as they asked and stated that I definitely need somebody to look into this please.
  • Checking back this evening, that ticket has been closed… with the guidance to just make a follow up if I still need help. So I have to go to the back of the queue again.
  • Meanwhile I have another $60 pending due to clear soon and I have a feeling that all of that money is going to be vanished away too. I am really worried because a bunch of that money was to cover materials and postage, so not only am I not going to get money for fairly completed work, I am now significantly out of pocket.

I just don’t know what to do at this point, I feel like I’m being stolen from.

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Did it say ‘canceled by buyer’ or ‘canceled by Fiverr’?

It said cancelled by Fiverr customer support

If you can, respond to the ticket, and request it be escalated. You can also send a message to , but it’s not likely to be any faster. CS is about two weeks behind right now.

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Definitely create a follow up and ask to escalate your matter. It might take quite some time to get to a person who can deal with your request but please don’t give up.

Just a little update in case anyone finds this thread later on. After a bit of back and forth, a help agent told me that my gig had been cancelled by mistake by customer service. They first asked me to ask my buyer to repurchase, which I thought was a little dodgy. But because my buyer wasn’t responding, they forwarded the ticket to a different team and I got a reimbursement to my account today. I am so relieved to have that money back, it means that I’ve finally been paid for all the work I did in early October.


Thanks for following up here to let us all know. Wow, more and more i’m growing to be fearful of the fiverr platform, prior to making my account I had been looking around the forums on and off for some time and was already expecting a difficult time.

You clearly didn’t deserve the stress that’s for sure.

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