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I think new "Fiver Pro Home" Menu affecting my sales

I was wondering why I’m not getting any new messages from yesterday, even after doing marketing of my gig. Then suddenly I noticed a separate menu item on fiverr(“Fiver Pro Home”) for pro sellers. And I think it’s affecting my sales very badly. Please let me know your opinion.

Seriously? A new link on Fiverr – within only 24 hours – is “affecting your sales badly”? Really? :roll_eyes:


yes I think, normally I receive 3 to 4 messages each day. And I get more messages after doing marketing. Don’t know what’s going on. Please let me know your opinion.

I already did. You saw my eye-roll smiley, right? :wink:

You can join in the discussion here:


Thanks, Finally I found someone who knows what’s going on.

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Steady on - I wouldn’t go that far! :rofl:


Really now? Interesting! :grin:

I’m curious how did you manage to get the “My Portfolio” on your profile?


One thing about freelancing is that traffic will vary from day to day no matter what you do. Is it possible that no one is currently in need of your service at this very moment? Just because you get 5 message in a single day doesn’t mean the same will happen again tomorrow.

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It’s too early to say since the “Fiverr Pro Home” menu was appeared just yesterday.
Statistically there are not enough feedback about this.
Even if it does have some effect, unless you are competing with the Pro sellers (same price range, same service, same quality), I don’t see that menu has anything to do with regular sellers.


how about this new program?