I think Search is messed up 😎 What you think?


I think Search is messed up:) What you think? - Why fiverr guys do not caring about this!!

When i do search - all search result coming messed up - What’s your experience?


I don’t know, maybe they want it that way for some reason.


So everyone can have something to complain about on the forum? :grinning:


You are late to the party, dude.

@offlinehelpers This has become the new “How to become TRS” topic for recent threads… :rolling_eyes:


That makes sense - it’s that blessed algorithm again! :slight_smile:


Exactly, one way or the other, it will continue to haunt us by its presence… :ghost:


I was collecting all information - :slight_smile:

I found many new sellers has been promoted by fiverr :imp: Few new sellers get “Featured gig” in only 1-3 reviews on their gig. Few get TRS badges within FIRST MONTH - isn’t funny :slight_smile:

Search is running out of the Road -

Might be they wanted to run offroad - adventure :slight_smile::slight_smile:


I’d love to see some examples of those! :slight_smile:


As this topic has recently been covered in depth, I am going to close this thread as there is no need to start it all over again. All of the info is still available to be read by anyone interested and there has not been anything new added or mentioned since.

The topics in question are here in Part 1 and Part 2