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I think something happened in buyer request option


There are no buyer request coming in my profile and which 2 requests came both are staying for a long time. No one coming and those are can’t going. I share this problem in our local social media group thy says they are facing the same problem today. How to solve it please let me know…

Here is the picture of that problem…


I have 65 requests today, seems to be working fine.


It depends on your category, level etc.

When I was ‘new seller’ I didn’t see more than about 5, at level 1 I can see 926.


I’m worried about why those requests are not going from here… they got huge offers… It’s my first experience those offer are staying more than 1 hour…


A similar thing was mentioned here: :wink:


I think it depends by the levels too.
I’m hating fiverr with this new policy of the monthly evaluation. it’s unaccetable to suffer level demotions for bad buyers or cancellations because sometimes the customers don’t read the gigs…Fiverr have to look again this policy. Otherwise many sellers I think will leave this marketplace.
It has been damaged and I don’t know the reason of all this. My buyers requests are very limited when Fiverr has removed my level. This is too much


I worked very hard for two years to maintain high standards. Because of a junk buyer and this damned stupid montlhy evaluation my account has been limited! I hate fiverr


One bad buyer also almost killed me too


Yes - it does - please see my post above for an example.

I realise you’re very upset by the feedback your buyer left you, but your buyers and potential buyers may be reading these posts and may not want to see you calling them names as often as you have? :wink:

I hope you can get promoted again as quickly as possible.


Hi there… My problem already fixed… I can’t see now those old… and new requests coming…


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