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I think something is wrong with my gig

after getting first 4 orders i got stuck. i am not getting any orders and views on my gig are 0. can any one check my gig and able to give any suggestions if any thing is wrong with my gig or it is something else.

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In my opinion:
The title is unclear. At first sight it’s confusing. Logos? Tshirts?

if the title is unclear, buyers won’t open it


I took a very brief look, but one of the things that put me off is your profile picture. It looks distorted, which isn’t really the kind of impression you want to be giving people when you’re a graphic designer.

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:robot: I second @damdsn, I’m confused as to what you are offering. Also, to me it looks suspicious that you have 4 reviews all by the same person. It makes it look like they are fake reviews. Maybe that’s turning off others as well?

Thanks for your opinion i will check this out.

i got first order from this buyer on second day of my gig launch and he gave me 3 more orders because he get satisfactory results from me. they are not fake.

Thanks i will check my profile picture.